39 best neurologists in metro manila.

39 Best Neurologist in Metro Manila

Welcome to a comprehensive guide to the 39 Best Neurologists in Metro Manila. When it comes to matters of the brain and nervous system, finding the right specialist is crucial. Metro Manila is home to skilled neurologists who specialize in treating nervous system disorders. If you need medical help for neurological conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease, or if you just want to consult with a neurologist, this guide will introduce you to some of the best neurologists in Metro Manila. With their expertise and dedication to the field, these healthcare professionals are committed to helping you achieve optimal brain and nervous system health. Read on to discover the leading neurologists in Metro Manila who can provide you with the specialized care you deserve.

39 Best Neurologist in Metro Manila

Dr. Stephanie Badillo – Neurologist in Metro Manila46 P. Sanchez St, Santa Mesa, Manila, Metro Manilahttp://seriousmd.com/doc/sjbadillo+639338639134
Asian Hospital And Medical Center-Dr Almario G. Jabson, MDRoom 502, Asian Hospital And Medical Center, 2205 Civic Drive Filinvest Corporate City Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1780http://www.asianhospital.com/?s=Almario+G.+Jabson&post_type=dims&Departments=+63287719000
Dr. Julette Marie F. BataraH2WW+X5G, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Wilson Street, Greenhills West, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manilahttp://www.cardinalsantos.com.ph/+63287270001
Manila Doctors Hospital667 United Nations Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manilahttp://www.maniladoctors.com.ph/+63285580888
Jose Paciano Baltazar T. Reyes, MD @ Manila Doctors HospitalManila Doctors Hospital, 667 U.N. Avenue, Ermita, Manilahttp://www.maniladoctors.com.ph/doctors/reyes-jose-paciano-baltazar/+63285243011
Neurologist Online Consultation Manila667, 1000 United Nations Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manilahttp://www.winnielimkhoo.com/+639658561193
Winnie Lim Khoo MD Neurology Clinic @ Chinese General Hospital & Medical Center286 Blumentritt Street, Room 919 Medical Arts Building, Sta Cruz, Manila, 1014 Metro Manilahttp://www.winnielimkhoo.com/+63287114141
Dr. Anthony PianoRoom 511 medical office building, Asian Hospital and Medical Center Filinvest City, 1780, Muntinlupa, Metro Manilahttps://anpianomd.wixsite.com/website+63287719294
Dr. Ranhel De Roxas-BernardinoCommonwealth Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manilahttps://healthnow.ph/?utm_source=google-search&utm_medium=google-search&utm_campaign=google-search-branded-campaign&utm_id=google-search&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_JGSlLCs-AIVy51LBR29AgC7EAAYASAAEgKdhvD_BwENot found.
Jose Carlos S. Alcazaren, MD, FAFN (Neurosurgeon at The Medical City, Pasig, Mandaluyong, Makati, Metro Manila)Room 1907 Medical Arts Tower The Medical City, Ortigas Ave, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manilahttps://jcsaneurosurgery.com/+63287060507
Louie Gayao MDRm 1101, Lung Center of the Philippines, Quezon Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manilahttps://louiegayao.ph/+63289246101
Dr. Ma. Lourdes Corrales JosonJ2FF+2F9, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manilahttps://m.thefilipinodoctor.com/doctors/joson-ma-lourdes-corrales-201546782/+63287230101
nergam ph81 B, 81 B Nicanor Roxas St, Banawe, Quezon City, 1102 Metro Manilahttps://nergam-ph.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referralNot found.
Dr. Grace Serrano1838 Dian St, Makati, 1235 Metro Manilahttps://seriousmd.com/doc/grace-serrano+639290063428
Dr. Donnabelle M. ChuSanta Cruz, Manila, Metro Manilahttps://www.facebook.com/donnabellechumd+639753751432
Dr. Raquel Mallari Alvarez303, 3rd Floor, Makati Medical Center, Amorsolo Street, Makati, 1200 Metro Manilahttps://www.makatimed.net.ph/doctors/profile/1355+63288888999
Anna Marie Sage-Nolido, M.D., NeurologyRoom 242, 2nd Floor, Hall A, Tower 1, Makati Medical Center, Amorsolo Street, Makati City, 1229https://www.makatimed.net.ph/doctors/profile/1368Not found.
Philippine Neurological Association (PNA)Room 106 Rear Tower Cathedral Height Building Complex, St. Luke’s Medical Center, E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manilahttps://www.philippineneurologicalassociation.com/+63287230101
Dr. Kenny SengMetropolitan Medical Center, 1357 G. Masangkay Street, Tondo, Manila, 1013 Metro Manilahttps://www.thefilipinodoctor.com/doctor-details.php?doctor=MjAxMjM4MDIy+63287114141
Dr. Michael N. Sabalza @ The Medical CityJ346+XRH, Ortigas Avenue, The Medical City Compound, Pasig City, 1600 Metro ManilaNot found.+63286356789
Dr. Ronald E. KempisP3J6+H8W, Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center, Regalado Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City, 1123 Metro ManilaNot found.+63289300000
Dr. Joann SolivenMXHJ+56J, Surgery Department, Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, MacArthur Highway, Valenzuela, 1440 Metro ManilaNot found.+63282931636
Dr. Ma. Socorro O. AlejandrinoPhilippine Heart Center, East Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1100 Metro ManilaNot found.+63289252401
Dr. Roland Dominic G. Jamora – Cardinal Santos Medical CenterRoom 233, Medical Arts Building, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Wilson Street, Greenhills, San Juan, 1502 Metro ManilaNot found.+63287270001
Neurologist Online Consultation Manila667 United Nations Ave, Ermita, Manila, 1004 Metro ManilaNot found.+639985500497
Dr. Ma. Epifania V. CollantesRoom 710, Manila Doctors Hospital, 667, United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63285243011
Dr. Gerardo Gap D. LegaspiRoom 108, Neurosciences FMAB Department, Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63287080000
Dr. Paul Matthew D. PascoOld O.R. Building, Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63285218450
Dr. Steve S. ArellanoJX7J+MR4, Jose R. Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Rizal Avenue, Santa Cruz, Manila, 1003 Metro ManilaNot found.+63287119491
Dr. Catherine Rachael A. SyRoom 7, Metropolitan Medical Center, Metropolitan Rd, Tondo, Manila, 1013 Metro ManilaNot found.+63282550401
Dr. Eduardo G. BorbonParking lot, Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63285218450
Dr. Lillian V. LeeRoom 502, Manila Doctors Hospital, 667, United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63285243011
Dr. Nanette D.C. Domingo-ReyesRoom 212, Manila Doctors Hospital, 667, United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63285243011
Dr. Margaret ChuaJX58+J99, Mary Johnston Hospital, Morga Street, Tondo, Manila, 1013 Metro ManilaNot found.+63282452021
Dr. Emilio Kishi GenaraoOld O.R. Building, Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63285218450
Dr. Orestes E. SolisSt. Clare’s Medical Center, Dian St, Makati, 1235 Metro ManilaNot found.+63288316511
Dr. Irene Roman IgualRoom 243, Makati Medical Center, Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village, Makati, 1220 Metro ManilaNot found.+63288935992
Dr. Charlene Denise B. PerezOld O.R. Building, Philippine General Hospital, Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro ManilaNot found.+63285218450
Dra. Janna Maia E. Aparri2nd Floor, Clinica Caritas Building, 97, Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, Quezon City, 1113 Metro ManilaNot found.+63287112411

Neurologists diagnose and treat disorders of the nervous system.

Some of the common sicknesses and disorders that neurologists diagnose and manage include:

  1. Headaches and Migraines: Neurologists often help patients who suffer from chronic or severe headaches, including migraines.
  2. Epilepsy: Neurologists specialize in diagnosing and managing epilepsy, a neurological disorder characterized by recurrent seizures.
  3. Stroke: They are experts in assessing and treating patients who have suffered a stroke, which is a sudden interruption of blood supply to the brain.
  4. Multiple Sclerosis: Neurologists diagnose and manage multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disorder that affects the central nervous system.
  5. Parkinson’s Disease: Neurologists work with patients who have Parkinson’s disease, a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement and motor skills.
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: They evaluate and provide care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and various types of dementia, which are neurodegenerative disorders affecting memory and cognitive function.
  7. Neuropathy: Neurologists diagnose and treat various types of neuropathy, which involve damage to the peripheral nerves and can cause symptoms such as tingling, weakness, and pain.
  8. Neurodegenerative Disorders: These specialists manage conditions like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Huntington’s disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders that progressively affect the nervous system.
  9. Neuroinfections: Neurologists assess and treat infections that affect the nervous system, such as meningitis and encephalitis.
  10. Movement Disorders: They diagnose and manage movement disorders like essential tremor, dystonia, and restless legs syndrome.
  11. Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Neurologists may work with children and adults who have neurodevelopmental conditions like autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  12. Brain Tumors: They are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, both benign and malignant.
  13. Cerebral Palsy: Neurologists often collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the management of cerebral palsy, a condition that affects movement and posture.
  14. Myasthenia Gravis: They diagnose and treat autoimmune disorders like myasthenia gravis, which affect muscle strength and control.
  15. Sleep Disorders: Neurologists may evaluate and treat sleep-related disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy.
  16. Neurovascular Disorders: These specialists address conditions related to blood vessels in the brain, including aneurysms and vascular malformations.
  17. Peripheral Nerve Injuries: They assess and treat injuries to the peripheral nerves, which can result from trauma or other medical conditions.

These are just some of the many conditions that neurologists diagnose and manage. Neurology covers many disorders of the nervous system, and neurologists help improve the lives of people with these health issues.


Metro Manila is lucky to have a group of exceptional neurologists who are experts in diagnosing and treating various neurological conditions. These are the top 39 neurologists in Metro Manila. They are known for their expertise, compassion, and dedication to their patients’ well-being.

If you have chronic headaches, a neurodegenerative disorder, or any other neurological issue, these specialists can offer hope and healing. Their commitment to improving neurology and providing personalized care ensures that people in Metro Manila have access to top-quality neurological expertise.

Remember, the journey to neurological health is often complex, but with the guidance of these esteemed professionals, you are not alone. These neurologists are not only healers but also educators, empowering their patients with knowledge and support every step of the way.

Consult one of these top neurologists to ensure you receive expert care for your neurological well-being. Your neurological health is paramount, and these specialists are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

We hope this guide helps you find neurological well-being in Metro Manila. Best wishes for a healthier and happier life.

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