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26 Best Puerto Galera Dive Resorts to Visit

Puerto Galera is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. It’s known as “The Pearl of Asia” because of its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and amazing diving opportunities.

There are many places to stay in Puerto Galera, but not all of them offer top-notch accommodations. In this post, We will share with our list of the best dive resorts in Puerto Galera. They offer everything from budget accommodations to luxury villas. And most importantly, they’re all affordable!

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Dive ResortDive Resort NameSocial Media /
Contact Number
Scandi Divers Resorthttp://www.scandidivers.com/9175587547
El Galleon Dive Resorthttp://www.asiadivers.com/432873205
Atlantis Dive Resortshttp://www.atlantishotel.com/puerto-galera-resort/9175620293
Angelyn’s Dive Resorthttp://www.angelynsdiveresort.com/9152661564
BADLADZ Beach and Dive Resorthttps://badladz.com/badladz-beach-resort/9399148819
Atlantis Dive Resorts & Liveaboardshttp://www.atlantishotel.com/282873066
Edgewater Dive & Spa Resort Inc.https://edgewaterresort.co/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=gmb432873774
Arkipelago Divers & Beach Resorthttp://arkipelagodivers.com/9974950257
Capt’n Greggs Dive Resorthttps://www.captngreggs.com/432873070
La Laguna Beach Club & Dive Centrehttp://www.llbc.com.ph/432873181
Paradise Dive Resorthttps://paradise-dive-resort.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral432873533
Lalaguna Villas Luxury Dive Resort and Spahttps://lalagunavillas.com/9175703415
BLUE LAGOON DIVE RESORThttp://bluelagoondiveresort-philippines.com/9952934546
Frontier Scuba Dive Resorthttp://www.frontierscuba.com/432873077
Aura Dive Resorthttp://www.auradiveresort.com/432873098
Mermaid Resorthttp://www.mermaidresort.com/432873301
Fisherman’s Cove Resort and Diving Centerhttp://www.fishermenscove.com/English/Index.html9175332985
Ocean Palace Diving Resorthttp://ocean-palace.co.kr/7082857870
Tropicana Dive Resort by Cocotel Powered by favehttps://bit.ly/CocotelTropicana9173077462
Monkey Beach Dive Resort Ph Inchttps://monkeybeachdiveresort.business.site/Not found.
El Canonero Diving Beach Resorthttp://www.divingresortelcanonero.com/9158454399
Garden of Eden Dive Resorthttp://www.cocktaildivers.com/9674074407
Jay Ang Resort & Divehttp://jayangresort.com/9171824499
Marco Vincent Dive Resorthttp://www.marcovincent.com/288136329
Diving parkhttp://www.divingpark.ph/Not found.
Arkipelago Divershttp://www.arkipelagodivers.com/9173100768

What to prepare for your dive trip

1. Swimsuit (or something similar)

You can’t go diving without a swimsuit! You’ll want to wear a two-piece suit that covers everything from your shoulders down. If you are going to be wearing fins, make sure they fit properly and don’t pinch your toes. Also, if you plan on snorkeling, bring a mask, flippers, and fins.

2. Sunscreen

This is a no-brainer, but we know how forgetful people can be. Make sure to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before heading out into the sun. Don’t forget about your lips and ears!

3. Camera

Bring a camera along. There’s nothing like capturing memories while diving, especially if you’re doing some underwater photography. Plus, you never know when an opportunity for a great shot may present itself. Just remember, if you do decide to take pictures, don’t point the lens straight up or it could damage your equipment.

4. Wetsuit/Fins

Wearing a wetsuit under your regular clothes can help keep you warm when it gets cold at night. Fins are also important if you plan on swimming around. They allow you to move more easily through the water and provide better traction.

5. First Aid Kit

In case of emergency, having a first aid kit handy can save your life. It should include bandages, antiseptic cream, scissors, tweezers, and any other supplies you think you may need during your trip.

6. Jacket

It’s always nice to have a jacket just in case the weather takes a turn for the worse. A waterproof one will protect you from getting wet if you get caught in the rain.

7. Hat & Sunglasses

A hat can help shield your eyes from the bright sunlight reflecting off the surface of the water. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from sand particles and debris that may end up in them.

8. Towel

Towels are essential for drying yourself off after spending time in the ocean. Pack light ones since you’ll probably want to use them again and again.

9. Beach Mat

If you’re planning on lounging by the beach, pack a beach mat so you can lay out comfortably on the hot sand.

10. Water Bottle

Don’t underestimate the power of water. Bring a bottle along so you won’t run out mid-dive. Also good to relieve your dry throat after that long dive!

In conclusion, We’ are sure you’ve heard of the Philippines’ most famous island, Boracay. But did you know that Puerto Galera, located just south of Boracay, offers a whole lot more than just sun and sand? With its beautiful beaches, warm waters, and friendly locals, Puerto Galera has become a favorite destination for both tourists and expats alike. And if diving is your thing, you’ll find some of the best dive sites in the world here. Whether you prefer snorkeling, surfing, swimming, or simply relaxing on the beach, Puerto Galera has something for everyone. So head down to the islands today and see why Puerto Galera is one of the top places to visit in the Philippines.

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