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Best 11.11 deals

11.11 The Biggest one day sale event of the Year! The 30 Best 11.11 Deals Online Today!

What is 11.11?

11.11 is the biggest online shopping party in the world, and it’s coming soon to a store near you. It’s a massive Chinese shopping holiday that’s captured the global attention, and is held annually on November 11 and in some countries it is also held to celebrate single’s day! So the other meaning of this day is… since you are single, go get yourself a gift!

What’s the difference between 11.11 and Black Friday?

Both are deal and shopping events that everyone looks forward to but since 11.11 starts way before Black Friday then it gets cash from the buyers way earlier.. it’s a shopping grab! On the Other Hand, if you missed the great deals on 11.11 you still have Black Friday deals to cure that Retail Therapy!

“Singles’ Day always falls on November 11 because the date 11/11 represents four ones, or four singles, standing together. The name literally translates as “single sticks holiday.” – investopedia”

Last year’s Singles Day (11.11) was a huge success, with many Asian people flocking online and spending a lot money. The biggest shopping day in China attracts more than 800 million shoppers, and last year the number has double. As shopping in China and the rest of Asia becomes more and more dominated by online purchases and mobile-based services, 11.11 has become a major event in the country’s retail and e-commerce industry.

How long does 11.11 Sale Last?

The sale starts before November for the stores that want to get a head start on sales leading up to 11.11 It is on eleve-eleven that they pour out their deals and discounts to entice shoppers to take advantage of these massive deals online.

Is it worth it? Sulit ba?

If you are shopping for something, waiting for 11.11 will give you that extra discount or maybe a freebie or special offer that will make the deal all the more sulit!

How to shop online

Online shopping has revolutionized the way we shop, eat and consume content. We can shop whenever we want for anything at any place, anytime, and this is why deals and discounts make a difference. One main problem is that there are just too many choices, variations of what you want to buy online. It is best to prepare your shopping list, plan ahead and spend wisely.

Shopping Tips for 11.11

  • Make a shopping list – Is it a need or want?
  • Review your shopping list – Do you really need it?
  • Research the products you are looking for online – Find the best offer
  • Cash in your coupons – use your coupons to get free shipping, or discounts
  • Compare products before you buy – Is there something better?
  • Don’t forget the shipping cost – Always factor in the cost, check free shipping coupons
  • Read product reviews before you buy – Don’t miss out, this is the key to happiness!

What should you take into account before you shop online?

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Stay safe from scams.. and don’t give in to your want to buy something because it is cheap.. if it isn’t from a reputable source then you will get what you pay for.. stay safe and smart online. Can you get scammed even from a reputable maketplace? Answer is YES.. thats why you need to read reviews and listen to feedback from people and stay away from the new stores without rating.

How to choose the best online seller

It’s all about trust, the sellers work hard to build their reputation over time because this is the source of their sales, the reviews count a lot and give the customers peace of mind to buy the products.

In conclusion, the best deal is the one that meets your needs (maybe wants too!) and wishes and is affordable and meets your expectations. With all the current and upcoming changes in the online shopping world, we would like to remind you to think twice before making a purchase and consider all the costs and things to consider so you can get the best deal. Always shop smart, Remember it is always CAVEAT EMPTOR when shopping online!

The 30 best 11.11 Deals online Today

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