What is Social listening? Do you need it?

What is Social listening?

Social listening is the process of monitoring online digital conversations from social media channels to understand what your customers are saying about you and your brand, It is also a good way of getting a feel of the industry voice online.

Digital Marketing teams use social listening for community management, brand management, a main usecase is identifying the customer pain points and giving the brand to respond directly to consumers. Brands are able to answer questions, complaints, and comments.

It is also used to check on competition and how they implement their social media strategy.

Why is social listening important?

It is important because it gives you a window to directly communicate with your customers. You are able to evaluate the statement and decide how to answer appropriately while building brand confidence. The approach can be direct or via influencer, it will all depend on your intended outreach.

Where to Listen?

The bulk of the conversation happens on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Google+ was a good source but is going to shutdown soon.

Do you need to Listen?

Playing an active role definitely helps brand reputation, doing catch-up if someone tries to stain your brand is harder to do, at times they have already a strategy in place to make sure they accomplish their trolling. Nipping it in the bud will definitely help in damage control and stop it from growing into something uncontrollable.

Want to try our Social Listening Tool?

For some cases we offer a free trial, How does i work? head on to Listen.PH website and fillup the form. We will contact you and help you out setting up your social listening project.

How to setup you social listening Tool.