Top Pinoy Hugot Films and Lines We All Cried Over

By Alianna Tan

The reason why there are certain movies that make an impact and stay in the hearts of the viewers is the ‘moving’ lines they have with them, especially if these speak heartbreak which most of the people can relate to. For Filipinos, one way to get over heartbreaks and broken promises is through jokes and “hugot lines”, which allow them to laugh at things that could otherwise be very depressing. This is why Filipinos are fond of dramas and romantic comedies, and the “hugot lines” that come with them.

So, we’ve listed down some of the best and most heart-wrenching lines from the top hugot films that we all related to!

  1. Starting Over Again (2014)

If you have already been left without any closure or in a more millennial term – “ghosted” (ouch!), you can surely relate to Piolo’s famous line to Toni, as follows:

Starting Over Again
Starting Over Again
“I deserved an explanation. I deserved an acceptable reason!” – Piolo Pascual
  1. Milan (2004)

Have you ever been in a moment when you’re reflecting, or rather, questioning your significant other’s reason for loving you? Take it from Claudine’s heartbreaking line below:

“Mahal mo ba ako dahil kailangan mo ako –  o kailangan mo ako kaya mahal mo ako?” – Claudine Barretto


  1. Barcelona (2016)

A little similar to the context of Claudine’s line above, who has not had his/her heart broken when Kathryn dropped the following line as she felt her love is unrequited?

“Wag mo akong mahalin dahil mahal kita. Mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako, because that is what I deserve” – Kathryn Bernardo
  1. My Amnesia Girl (2010)

What’s worse than already having the losing the person you already used to have just because you gave up the fight? Toni Gonzaga fired shots here:

My Amnesia Girl
“May mga maswerteng tao na nahanap na yung taong para sa kanila. May mga taong patuloy na naghahanap at may iba na sumuko na. Pero yung pinakamasaklap, e yung na sayo na pinakawalan mo pa.” – Toni Gonzaga


  1. Paano Na Kaya (2010)

It is never easy to fall in love with a friend, or worse, to your best friend, Here’s Kim Chiu’s heartache over Gerald Anderson.

Paano Na Kaya
“Syinota mo ako eh, syinota mo ang best friend mo!” – Kim Chiu


  1. Labs Kita Okey Ka Lang (1998)

Following through the agony of falling in love with your best friend, here’s a movie which will never get old. Feel the pain of being “friendzoned” through Jolina’s line below”

“Oh yes kaibigan mo ako, kaibigan mo lang ako… And I’m so stupid to make the biggest mistake of falling in love with my bestfriend!!!” – Jolina Magdangal


  1. One More Chance (2007)

If hugot film is the topic, this movie will never be out of the list. “One More Chance” takes the last and best spot as it has several “hugot” scenes that almost every Filipino can readily remember. Here’s a scene from Basha (Bea Alonzo) and Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz), where you can extract and consider almost every line as “hugot.”

One More Chance
“Sana ako pa rin.. sana ako na lang.. sana ako na lang ulit…..”- Bea Alonzo
“She loved me at my worst, you had me at my best at binaliwala mo lang lahat ng yun.. “ – John Lloyd Cruz
“Popoy yun ba talaga ang tingin mo? I just made a choice.” – Bea Alonzo
“And you chose to break my heart.” – John Lloyd Cruz