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A top-down view of a parking lot shows five cars parked in a row, each in separate parking spots. The cars are, from left to right, yellow, blue, white, red, and black. The parking spots are outlined with white lines on the asphalt surface. It's a BGC designed for a stress-free experience.

Top 27 Parking Spots in BGC for a Stress-Free Experience

Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is a bustling urban hub in Metro Manila, renowned for its skyscrapers, upscale shopping centers, and vibrant nightlife. Yet, amidst the myriad attractions, one of the most crucial aspects for both visitors and residents is finding convenient and secure parking. In a city where space is at a premium, knowing the best parking lots can make a significant difference to your overall experience. Whether you’re heading to a high-end restaurant, a business meeting, or a weekend market, having a reliable parking spot ensures a hassle-free visit.

The history of parking in BGC mirrors its rapid development from a former military camp to a premier business and lifestyle district. As BGC evolved, the demand for parking increased, prompting the development of multi-level parking complexes and innovative solutions to accommodate the growing number of vehicles. From the early days when open lots were the norm, to the present day where state-of-the-art facilities offer everything from automated systems to electric vehicle charging stations, parking in BGC has come a long way. Today, we’ve curated a list of the top 27 parking lots in BGC, each selected for their strategic locations, amenities, and user reviews, ensuring you get the best value for your money—truly sulit!

Best Parking Lots in BGC

Parking LotName of Parking LotType of ParkingAddressLatitudeLongitude
One ParkadeParking lotTaguig, Metro Manila14.5503237121.0497518
Two Parkade ParkingParking lotH322+H4R, Lane P, Taguig, 1203 Metro Manila14.5514803121.0502748
One Bonifacio High Street Basement ParkingParking garage7 28th St, Taguig, Metro Manila14.551054121.046907
Forbeswood Heights Parking EntranceCorporate officeH22V+PPV, Forbestown Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5518655121.0443068
North East City CenterParking garageUnnamed Road, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5536711121.053357
The Fort Strip Parking LotParking lotKatipunan Cir, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5499868121.0484908
30th East BParking lotLane C, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5518819121.0523694
7th Ave ParkingParking lot7th Ave, Taguig, 1203 Metro Manila14.5492255121.0473713
Crescent NorthParking lotParking lot, 3rd Ave, Taguig, 1203 Metro Manila14.5508113121.0453065
high street ParkingParking lotTaguig, Metro Manila14.5518466121.049277
Mckinley Car ParkParking lotMcKinley Park Rd, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5353064121.0503898
B4 ParkingParking lotTaguig, Metro Manila14.5510863121.0508988
Market Market ParkingParking lotTaguig, Metro Manila14.5483129121.0551407
Gallery ParkadeParking lotTaguig, Metro Manila14.5484797121.0508595
Shed Covered Parking SlotsParking garage26 Rizal Dr, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila14.5507464121.0448469
B6 ParkingParking lotB6, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5496571121.0523646
W Fifth Building – ParkingParking lotH23X+7HQ, Taguig, Metro Manila14.553203121.0489801
AP Open CarparkParking lot7 A. Bonifacio St, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5040166121.0526769
Lane C ParkingParking lotH333+F7V, Unnamed Road, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5537254121.0531704
B1 ParkingParking lotH22X+5X, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5504772121.0499308
Roofdeck Parking AreaParking lotH23X+QJG, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5544305121.0490853
BHS B2 ParkingParking lotB2, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5502724121.0506295
Park Triangle ParkingParking lotMarquis Building, Rizal Drive, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila14.5532463121.0552007
Paid Parking Lot (Basement Level)Parking lotPaid Parking Lot (Basement Level), Fort Victoria A, 5th Ave, Corner 23rd St, Taguig14.5468966121.0456711
Paid Parking – The ShopsParking lotH352+H88, Colonel Santos, Street, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5586076121.0512032
Northwest Open ParkingPublic parking spaceLane A, corner 32nd St, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5538137121.0489069
31st West ParkingPublic parking spaceH23V+W8H, Taguig, Metro Manila14.5547449121.0434707

Navigating the busy streets of Bonifacio Global City can be a breeze when you know exactly where to park. Our curated list of the 27 best parking lots in BGC offers a comprehensive guide to finding convenient, secure, and affordable parking options. From facilities that are just a stone’s throw away from major landmarks to those that offer modern conveniences like EV charging stations, these parking spots are designed to cater to your every need. By choosing the right parking, you not only save time but also enhance your overall experience in this dynamic urban landscape.

So, the next time you plan a trip to BGC, make sure to check out our list. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or exploring the area for the first time, our recommendations are guaranteed to provide you with the best parking solutions. Don’t forget to share this valuable information with friends and family—after all, everyone deserves a sulit parking experience that complements their visit to one of Metro Manila’s most exciting districts.

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