Free Website for Small Businesses in the Philippines

Is the SME Website really free?

Yes this project is FREE for SMEs and is a project of our interns, We have several interns from AMACC Sta. Cruz, Laguna and decided that it would be best to teach them real world experience in making a website for small businesses.

How long is the duration of the website?

We were planning to keep this up as long as the SME’s need the service. There is no fixed duration but we are looking at several years for the life of this project.

What is the goal of the project?

The goal is to equip the interns with practical knowledge in website creation, building and getting those businesses found online. We target to get each intern at least 30 running websites each, all hosted on and free of charge for the SME, a way of paying it forward and helping out in this time of the pandemic.

The other goal is to build up experience in building website and get back to the school with not only learning how to setup websites for small businesses but also to learn and enhance and discover what is possible with the online world. Experience of website design, search engine optimization, online marketing and data analytics for starters.

How many businesses will be accepted into the directory?

We are thinking of initially adding up to 100 businesses and see how things go from there. So there are limited slots to getting this free website so you need to act fast. We do not limit type of business but we only deal with real legitimate businesses that need the help we provide.


What are the requirements for a FREE WEBSITE?

  1. You should be an SME located in the Philippines.
  2. Provide your business details in our online form.
  3. Submit a contact person to help customize look and feel of the website
  4. Submit photos, logo and relevant marketing material for the website.
  5. Submit product photos, banners or other materials to promote your business
Actual Website:

Where do we fill up the form?

Form is located on

Importance of a Business Website

When you think about your business, you probably do not think about your website. But in the 21st century, the Web is an important part of business. One in five consumers today looks for advice or information online before making a purchase decision. If people can’t find your business online or find proof of your existence then your business is invisible to them. This project will help you start and build your digital footprint.

The Internet is a source of business and is crucial for each and every company. If you don’t have a website then you won’t be able to operate and you will be that business that sits on the side of the road – unknown and unprofitable.

We might be your entry to the online world but we will not be the last, we are the start of your journey online to get your business more visible to a wider audience. Increase in visibility means increase in sales in the long run, starting your website, will not only help our interns experience real world website development but it will also teach them life skills that will help them in their future work online.

In summary, a well-designed website is a must for any business. It does not have to be flashy or have a lot of fancy features. It simply needs to be easy for your customers to navigate, offer the information they need, and look aesthetically pleasing.

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