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Zoom Immersive View – Adding some fun in video calls

Zoom Immersive is a new kind of immersive video conferencing solution that enables shared experiences with anyone via a web browser or mobile device but in a styled fashion with a customized room layout to take away that boring black screen look. It places all the participants in 1 virtual background to simulate an in-person feel to the event.

Since video calls are here to stay, there is a move to make it fun and in zoom’s words “immersive” to make it more engaging. Available to free and pro accounts.

How to use Zoom’s Immersive view?

  1. Open the Zoom app or go to Zoom.US and start a meeting or webinar.
  2. On the top right of the screen, click View, then click Immersive.
  3. Select Immersive View scene that fits the size of your meeting.
zoom immersive view

How to end a video call on Zoom Immersive view

1. On upper right hand corner, click view, Change Immersive View, then choose between Speaker or Gallery.

2. Click Stop to confirm your decision to end Immersive View.

Advantages of doing Video Conference

Video conferencing is a pretty handy application in all businesses. As the trend in business culture grows, more and more conferences are held to manage and document day-to-day operations. Video conferencing is used in all kinds of businesses; from small companies to large corporations. It has proved to be the best way in documenting meetings. And because of that, it is now possible to have meetings with clients or colleagues and even family anywhere in the world.

Is this Room Type Layout only available on Zoom?

Room Layout is now available on other online conferencing software, and one of the software that are available in the market is GoBrunch. Gobrunch is a new webinar software system available to all and has generous free packages to choose from. GoBrunch goes a step further and lets you embed your logo or change the background image of the room to your specs.

Online Auditorium is now available

One that caught our attention is the Auditorium feature of GoBrunch. it can seat 409 people at any given time during the event. Auditorium can use Up to 400 Simultaneous Circle Cams. A nice feature to have for big events.

Know any other cool features that are coming up? Drop us a line!

Have you ever wanted to get the live stadium event online?

Here is your chance to get that customized in-stadium feel for any event, We are thinking this might be a good watch and discuss the game with friends live.. no need to be at the event, everyone can join and watch together in the safety and comfort of your home!

or save your spot in the sand with friends! you can literally travel the world together! That’s me below, hiding under the umbrella!

Enjoy the new features of Video Conferencing, they can only get more engaging and fun!

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