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Who is Nadine Lustre? Watch her Top 10 Most Popular Movies

Nadine Lustre is a Filipino actress, singer, and performer known for her versatility and talent in the entertainment industry. Born on October 31, 1993, in Quezon City, Philippines, Lustre began her career in show business as a child actress, appearing in several television shows and commercials. She rose to fame in 2014 with her breakthrough role in the romantic comedy “Diary ng Panget,” which became a box office success and garnered her numerous awards and nominations.

Lustre’s career continued to flourish with several successful film and television projects, including “Talk Back and You’re Dead,” “Para sa Hopeless Romantic,” and “Never Not Love You,” which earned her critical acclaim and a loyal following of fans. In addition to acting, Lustre is also a singer and has released several hit singles and albums, including “Wildest Dreams” and “Nadine Lustre.”

Aside from her career, Lustre has also been open about her personal life, including her struggles with mental health and the tragic loss of her longtime partner and fellow actor, James Reid’s brother, in 2019. Despite these challenges, Lustre has remained a strong and inspiring figure in the industry, using her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and empower young people to pursue their dreams.

With her talent, charisma, and dedication to her craft, Nadine Lustre has become one of the most beloved and respected artists in the Philippines, and her impact on the entertainment industry is sure to continue for years to come.

Nadine Lustre’s top 10 movies list in order of popularity, along with a brief synopsis and co-stars:

Nadine Lustre’s top 10 movies list in order of popularity, along with a brief synopsis and co-stars:

Never Not Love You (2018) – This romantic drama film tells the story of Gio (James Reid) and Joanne (Nadine Lustre), two young lovers who must face the challenges of pursuing their dreams while trying to maintain their relationship. Rating: 5/5

Ulan (2019) – In this fantasy drama film, Maya (Nadine Lustre) explores her fascination with the folklore of the rain, as she navigates love and heartbreak. Co-stars include Carlo Aquino and Marco Gumabao. Rating: 4/5

Diary ng Panget (2014) – This romantic comedy follows the story of a poor and ugly girl named Eya (Nadine Lustre), who gets a job as a personal maid for a rich and handsome guy named Cross (James Reid). As they spend more time together, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Rating: 4/5

Para sa Hopeless Romantic (2015) – In this romantic drama film, four college students with different love stories find themselves entangled in a web of love, heartbreak, and redemption. Co-stars include James Reid, Julia Barretto, and Iñigo Pascual. Rating: 3/5

This Time (2016) – In this romantic comedy, childhood sweethearts Coby (James Reid) and Ava (Nadine Lustre) reunite after several years, but they must first overcome their personal issues and the challenges of their long-distance relationship. Rating: 3/5

Talk Back and You’re Dead (2014) – This romantic comedy follows the story of Sam (James Reid), a notorious gang leader who falls in love with a feisty and independent girl named Top (Nadine Lustre). Co-stars include Joseph Marco and Yassi Pressman. Rating: 3/5

Till I Met You (2016) – This romantic drama follows the story of Basti (James Reid) and Iris (Nadine Lustre), two best friends who fall in love with each other but must overcome obstacles such as societal expectations and family pressure. Rating: 3/5

Indak (2019) – In this dance musical film, Vin (Sam Concepcion) and Jen (Nadine Lustre) team up with a group of dancers to win a prestigious dance competition. Co-stars include Julian Trono and Yayo Aguila. Rating: 2/5

Petmalu (2020) – In this romantic comedy, Lester (Sam Concepcion) and Sasa (Nadine Lustre) pretend to be a couple to impress their exes and make them jealous. Co-stars include Yayo Aguila and Ricky Davao. Rating: 2/5

Beauty and the Bestie (2015) – In this action-comedy film, two best friends named Erick (Vice Ganda) and Emman (Coco Martin) team up with a beauty queen named Jessy (Nadine Lustre) and a police officer named David (James Reid) to stop a group of terrorists. Rating: 1/5

Nadine Lustre’s career in Philippine cinema has been marked by numerous achievements and a steadfast commitment to her craft. As one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry, Lustre has demonstrated her versatility, range, and depth in a variety of roles, from romantic comedies to dramatic films.

As she continues to grow and evolve as an artist, Lustre’s future in Philippine cinema looks bright. With her natural talent, hard work, and dedication, she has proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the screen.

Moreover, Lustre’s willingness to tackle difficult and socially relevant topics in her work, such as mental health, has earned her a loyal and supportive fan base, and positioned her as an influential voice in the industry.

Overall, Nadine Lustre has made a significant impact on Philippine cinema and is sure to continue doing so in the years to come. As she embarks on new projects and collaborations, we can only look forward to the exciting and groundbreaking work that she will bring to the screen.