Who has the most followers on TikTok?

Most followed tiki taker on TikTok.
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Do you know what Tiktok is? Have you watched a Tik Tok video before, or do you make one for yourself? Do you dance, sing, act, lip-sync, lecture, or be a comedian? Can you name which one you do? Do you film them on Tiktok? 

Do you do them while you are just bored, or do you do them because you want it and you want to make a living out of it? Do you know the people behind the most followed tik tok account? If you do, let’s get it on. Let’s go!

Many of us have their own busy lives. We don’t have much time to have fun and hang out with our friends, especially during this pandemic. This leads us to complicate life, get tired quickly, and become unhappy in everyday life. We absorb stress and negative thoughts quickly, not until Tiktok came. 

Tiktok is now the favorite social media app we use to spend our leisure time away from everything. It allows us to create, watch or share videos in a period. This is also where we usually upload our videos, edited or not, on what we typically love to do, like dancing, singing, and many more. It is a personalized app that has a lot of features to enjoy. 


NIANA GUERERO @nianaguererrero

Niana Jose Evidente Guerero, or just ‘Niana,’ is a 15-year-old dancer and social media personality/influencer along with her brother, Ranz Kyle, famous for doing a dance cover and prank videos together with her little sibling, Natalia. 

Niana is also known for doing such rugged dance covers that others find it hard to do, but Niana also makes trendy videos and her friends on tik tok.

According to research, as of July 2021, Niana holds the most followed account on TikTok in the Philippines, with 25.5 million followers. Not to mention her other social media accounts like Facebook and youtube. 

YAN YAN DE JESUS @yanyandejesus1

At the age of 20, Yanyan became a TikTok star that made content about dance and choreography. He is a Filipino internet personality that is commonly known on TikTok. Also, a member of G-force and has excellent skills in dancing and acting, just like what he portrays in his tik tok videos.

Yan Yan De Jesus hits up to 17 million followers and continues gaining more followers as days go by. He is known not just on Tiktok but also on other social media sites like youtube and Instagram. 

His good looks also have a significant impact on his fans, making them go crazy, saying that he is also a good-looking and attractive man. He also knows how to style and match clothes and do make-up for himself. 


Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, better known as Andrea Brillantes is an 18-year-old Filipina actress and recording artist. Not just that, she is also popular on every social media site like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, youtube, and Tiktok. She gained 13 million followers in her Tik Tok and made such trendy dance covers and cute video clips. 

She is also active filming her youtube videos, busy vlogging while doing her ‘artista roles.’ In terms of looks and fashion taste, Andrea is also the best at it. Her hard work being an artist and social media influencer can be watched on this youtube channel. 

You’ll be proud of her once you have already watched it and you will surely see the different side of her, what a wonderful person and a daughter.

VLADIMIR GRAND @callmegrand

Vladimir Grand is a social media influencer, TikTok star, and model-based here in the Philippines. He has 12 million followers on tik tok and is also famous on his other social media sites. 

His comedian side and creativity show in every tik tok video he uploads, focusing more on funny and cooking videos. Famous not just because of his humorous personality but also because of his love for Filipino culture. 

He is a 24-year-old influencer that catches every girl’s eye by his handsome looks and body. He started as a model, which you can see on his Instagram page, and continues his popularity on TikTok.

VANESSA ALVAREZ AND SANYA LOPEZ @vanessakate_ @sanya_lopez

Vanessa and Sanya both gained 11 million followers on TikTok. Both women have good looks, dreams, and passion, conquering different lives.

Vanessa Alvarez is a 23-year-old second-year medical student who has excellent skills in dancing. With her good looks, she had plenty of collaborations and partnered brands to endorse. She is famous and known on TikTok and is very private about her private life. 

Shaira Lenn Osuna Roberto, professionally known as Sanya Lopez, is a famous actress here in the Philippines in her 20’s along with her brother, Jak Roberto. Like the others, she is also engaged in different social media sites, most especially on youtube. With Sanya’s jolly personality and sexy image, everybody would love to see her online more often.

To show you more of the people who are most followed on TikTok, here is the list:

  • Zendee @zendeeofficial 

10 million followers

  • Whamos Cruz @whamoscruzz

10 million followers

  • Zeinab Harake @zeinabharake

9.8 million followers

  • Marc Daniel Bernardo @marcdanielbernardo

8.9 million followers

  • Sai Datinguinoo @saidatinguinoo_

8.6 million followers

  • Marvin Fojas @marvsfojas

7.9 million followers

  • Vice Ganda @unkabogableviceganda

7.6 million followers


Social media is everywhere. You can have fun and make as many friends as you want, but safety and limitations should still be there, especially for most kids out there. It’s also nice to know that people recognize people like them, inspiring everyone to dream big, showing what’s got, and spreading positivity. 

Using this application needs guidance, privacy, and control but a platform that can open some opportunities and careers for a person with lots of dreams, skills, and talent, but this is also an excellent time to remind everybody the saying ‘think before you click!