Top Facebook Buy and Sell Groups for online shopping on FB!

Top Facebook Buy and Sell Groups – Shop on FB!

Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

What are the best selling groups in Facebook?

We can’t take away that sometimes, we want to buy a lot of things but are to lazy to go out. To fight the bunch of people and the horrifying traffic. Since the internet has emerged be a big network of everything, you can just type what you want and viola! You can get your foods, gadgets or anything in no time.

Here is the list of facebook groups with the highest members:

1. Hachi’s Buy and Sell

This is really one of the most popular Buy and Sell group in Facebook. Since the group is public, scammers have been around but the group do not tolerate such and has strict rules in banning and kicking members. They are also promoting to just transact only with the verified sellers (Hachified), this is their way of ensuring the legitimacy of a buyer or seller. Here are the list of the legit buyers and sellers. Last 2012, the group’s page was deleted for unknown reason, they have asked Mark Zucherberg, CEO of Facebook, to restore the account but they failed to do so. The existing facebook group has 700,000 plus members. It is a well-known group and people started to ask why they can’t find it. Mr. Hachi Cruz then made a new one in 2015 and up to now, it is still a growing community of buyers and sellers.

Creator: Hachi Cruz
FB Group Age: 5 years
Members: 926,996 members.

2. Manila Vintage Primes

For photography enthusiasts, this is your go-to for anything about your gear. MVP is a community which also has a physical store in  600 Bulacan cor Fernandez Street, Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila, Manila, 1013 Metro Manila. They sell preloved items which is carefully checked and provides the condition so buyers can see and decide. The group started selling in 2011 in, since the selling site changed by the name OLX, there was a change in the selling experience. In 2015, they decided to put a facebook page so they can upload HD photos of their vintage lenses. The year after, it has evolved and started selling brand new items as well. It has been a growing community since then. I can personally say, they really have a great and helpful customer service.

Creator: Manila Vintage Primes
FB Group Age: unknown
Members: 45,788 followers

3. Books Buy and Sell Philippines

Hail all bookworms! Here is your nook on staying online to search for that book you’ve been looking, maybe it’s here. This group is mainly for books, magazines, comics, and eBooks. Unrelated posts like obviously don’t have to do with books is not allowed.

Creator: Andrew Atimpao Bayangan
FB Group Age: 2 years
Members: 38,541 members.

4. XPPH X-Shop

This group is mainly and obviously for Fujifilm users. Accessories here are for X series cameras. There are also people selling they preloved cameras complete with the condition details. Like the other groups, of course, they also have their set of rules. Members who fail to follow will be given first warning before being kicked out from the group.

FB Group Age:
Members: 31,515 members.

5. Manila Furniture Buy And Sell

This group is only open to those people residing in Manila. They specialize in buying and selling any household decor or furniture.   They have set of rules in buying so it is better to read them carefully.

Creator: Marta Lu Ara, Maria RodriguezChristina Boonsirithum
FB Group Age: 2 years
Members: 27,244 members.

6. Expats Buy and Sell Club

This club was made for expats, foreigners and even travelers to trade, buy or sell the stuffs they don’t need anymore. The group is very helpful to those who are moving to another place or country.

Creator: Maria Rodriguez
FB Group Age: 2 years
Members: 18,255 members.

7. Manila Fashion Exchange Buy and Sell

You need to be a resident in Manila to join this group. Due to high demand in fashion, this group was built for people who has a lot of fashion collection that they want to sell and for those who are looking for new combinations for their OOTDs!  It is one of those categories that has never been missing out and for sure is always on the top search. This group is mainly focused on trendy clothes.

Creator: Marta Lu Ara
FB Group Age: 2 years
Members: 12,061 members

8. Manila Bag Exchange Buy And Sell

Bag lovers, you’re gonna love this group. They are focused on buying, selling and trading bags. It doesn’t have to be branded but they have a minimum requirement, all bags to be sold should be at least Php 3,000.00.

Creator: Marta Lu Ara
FB Group Age: 3 years
Members: 11,586 members.

Disclaimer: We’re not responsible for any transactions between you and these people. It is still on you how you will coordinate them. Before buying, check their credibility in each groups, ask of other members to legit check the person. It is still best if the transaction will be on meet up to avoid being scammed. It is always a must to check the items your are buying carefully. Stay away from too good to be true posts or offers.

What are the best selling groups on facebook 2018? The groups above are growing strong and command a good following. They look like They will hold their spots on top of facebook for 2018.