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Tiktok Most Viewed Hashtags 2020

The most viewed, most viral, most engaging, and popular hashtag of all time on Tiktok as of Dec 8, 2020.  The hashtag has become synonymous with the TikTok community and is often used in conjunction with a user dancing or singing to an original song created for the purpose of promotion on social media.

#IMAGHOST takes top spot with 1.9Billions views! click on the link to see the most popular videos in the list of videos on hashtags

Tiktok Most Viewed Hashtags 2020

Tiktok Video ViewsTiktok Hashtag URL
1#IMAGHOST1 900 000 000
Utiliza el efecto Sale El Alma para hacer tus videos
de #ImAGhost!
From budgeting to saving, teach us all about
3#EASYDIY2 800 000 000
Whether it’s a life hack or a quick project,
show us everything #EasyDIY.
4#SELFIMPROVEMENT1 600 000 000
We could all use a bit of #SelfImprovement, right?
Something suspicious happened? #HowBizarre!1 800 000 000
6#HOLIDAYMUSIC1 500 000 000
It’s that time of the year… From winter classics to
seasonal covers, we’re here for all things

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