State of Philippine Internet May 2015

“Mas laos pa tayo sa Laos!”

That was everybody’s sentiment when we got hold of the ASEAN DNA report last year regarding the ASEAN Average Internet Speed Index 2014. We were at the bottom of ASEAN countries, with only 3.6mbps internet while Laos (4.0mbps), Myanmar (4.9mbps), Vietnam (13.3mbps), Thailand (17.7mbps), and all the other countries leave us in the dumps. In 2014, the average glabl internet speed was at 17.5mbps and the US was at 22.3mbps while our neighbor country Singapore topped the list with 61.0mbps.

Has anything changed since then?

We checked out our internet speed stats over at Ookla’s Net Index and here’s what we got:

The Global Average Index for Broadband Internet showed the following stats:

Global Average Index for Broadband Internet

  • Download (Rolling average consumer download speed, extrapolated by IP and averaged over the last 30 days): 23.3mbps
  • Upload (Rolling average consumer upload speed, extrapolated by IP and averaged over the last 30 days): 10.6mbps
  • Quality (The average R-factor, which is an industry standard method for measuring connection stabulity by monitoring packet loss and delay. Average tests collected via over the past 30 days): 84.2 R-factor
  • Average Value (The global median broadband cost in US dollars per Megabit per second, averaged based on customer surveys): $5.21
  • Promise (The global median download speed as a percentage of providers’ advertised speed, averaged based on customer surveys): 86.8%

As for mobile, here are the stats:

Global Average Index for Mobile Internet

  • Download: 12.4mbps
  • Upload: 5.0mbps


Broadband Internet Average Speed

Mobile Internet Average Speed

As of May 2015, the Philippines’ Broadband Internet Average Speed is 3.63 Mbps, ranking us 176th of 202 countries. Our average Mobile Internet Speed, on the other hand, is at 4.43Mbps, ranking us 92nd of 112 countries. Meanwhile, our internet providers have advertised the following speeds:

  • Globe Tattoo: Plan P1599 up to 5Mbps
  • Smart Bro: Power Plug-It Plan P1245 up to 12Mbps
  • Sky Broadband: Plan P1299 up to 10Mbps
  • PLDT Home: Fibr Plan P1899 up to 8Mbps

Top Cities in Philippines (according to available test server and their locations):


Here is the Top Internet Service Providers in the Philippines Ranked by Internet Speed:



As for cities in the Philippines with “fast” internet connection:screenshot_1493

Top Mobile Carriers and their average speed:

screenshot_1494So where’s your data plan on the list? When can we even achieve the Global Average Index for Broadband Internet? Will we ever reach those numbers? For a country dubbed as the “Social Media Capital of the World,” our internet services are not even at par with the global average speed and that’s a sad reality we live with every day: paying too much money for poor quality of service.

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