Sharon Cuneta plans to sue the man who threatened her daughter Frankie.

Sharon Cuneta to sue the man who threatened to rape daughter Frankie

The singer and Mega star Sharon Cuneta, took her anger on instagram after a man named Sonny Alcos after his comment on raping his daughter Frankie if he was 12 years old.

BOBO. TANGA. HIGIT SA LAHAT, WALA KANG TAKOT SA DIYOS! Ang kapal ng pagmumukha mong patulan ang issue at pagsalitaan ng ganito ang anak ko.” – Sharon Cuneta

This was his comment on the issue of victim blaming which started with Ben Tulfo on how rape takes place.

Wherein Frankie Pangilinan responded “rape culture is real and a product of this precise line of thinking, where the behavior is normalized, particularly by men.”

It sparked flame in twitter and the hashtag #HijaAko went trending with stories of every girl who experienced being sexually assaulted, groped, etc even wearing decent clothes that doesn’t even look sexy.

The Mega star obviously is not to back off easily and ready to finish the war. There is already an investigation going and plans to sue the man whose real name is Sonny Co. According to some netizen, he is said to be living in United Kingdom with his family and a member of Reign in Christ Jesus Ministry.


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