Pia Wurtzbach’s Lockdown TOP 3

Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach

Sulit.PH grabbed the chance to chat with the beloved Queen of the Philippines, 2015 Ms. Universe, Ms. Pia Wurtzbach.

We call this feature “Pia’s lockdown top threes” and some of her answers surprised us!:


Sulit.PH: “Who are the 3 people you’d meet up with as soon as you’re allowed?”

Pia: “I would LOVE to see my family again. Nowadays I only ever see them on video calls. My nephew is 2 years old and growing fast. I have to see them soon! So a trip to the UK to see them soon is at the top of the list! So my sister, my mom and the 2 kids. Thats 4 though :)”


Sulit.PH: “What are the 3 things that have kept you sane during the lockdown?”

Pia: “Working out has kept me sane! Honestly there are days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed but I feel so much better whenever I power through! Keeping in touch with family and friends. And Journaling has also been very helpful. “


Sulit.PH :  “What are the 3 things you realized you need most during this lockdown?”

Pia: “I was never a beach person but quarantine has taught me to miss the sun and now I can’t wait to go to the beach again. I also realized that I am an extrovert so I constantly need to talk to someone. And the Internet, imagine quarantine without the internet?”


Sulit.PH: “Who are the last 3 people you had video calls with?”

Pia: “So there’s an app called Bunch and I video call my family on there while playing games. Every night when its the afternoon in the UK, I play go online and play with my Mom, my sister and my niece. My cousins join along too. It’s a riot!”


Sulit.PH :  “What are your top 3 movies that you can watch over and over?

Pia: “Mamma Mia, 13 going on 30 and Moana. I know, I know. It’s quarantine guys, no judging.”


Sulit.PH: “What about your top 3 songs?”

Pia: “Cruel Summer by Taylor Swift, When I Met You by Apo Hiking Society and Through The Fire by Chaka Khan. What a combination, right?”


Sulit.PH: “The last 3 videos you’ve seen are?”

Pia: “Tiktok, tiktok and tiktok. Say what you want about the app but I’m sure it has made you smile at least once. Sa panahon ng covid-19, walang baduy. If it makes you happy, go for it! Haha!”


Sulit.PH: “Who are the last 3 people that sent you inspiring messages?”

Pia: “Everybody’s been so supportive to each other and inspiring. I usually get the sweetest, most encouraging messages from my supporters. They are my motivation to keep going. As long as they are happy, I’m happy too!”


Sulit.PH: “Name 3 celebrities you wish were with you now”

Pia: “Jokoy for the jokes, Elon Musk for the mental stimulus and Tony Bennett for the music. Imagine being in quarantine with these 3 celebrities haha!”


Sulit.PH: “What are the 3 things you’ve been using more of during the lockdown?”

Pia: “Definitely my phone! I’ve been online more than I’d like to. The kitchen is also a part of the house I never used to use cos I’d always be out working, now I have time to bake desserts. My TV, I don’t watch tv in real life. Now I’ve been glued to the news, comedies and documentaries.”


Sulit.PH: “The 3 restaurants you’ve been missing are?”

Pia: “BesTea, my milk teas business in Alabang, Jollibee and pinky street food.”


Sulit.PH: “The last 3 dishes you cooked?”

Pia: “Usually I bake desserts, my current favorites are brownies, cupcakes and cheesecakes. I don’t eat them all, I swear! Haha!”


Sulit.PH: “The 3 dishes you can survive on during this lockdown?”

Pia:  “I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I can survive on bread, butter and chocolate for the rest of my life!”


Sulit.PH: “The 3 cable shows you’ve been watching?”

Pia:  “I’ve been watching Hollywood, Masterclasses and 90 Day Fiance. I’d say that’s a nice balance of drama, educational and comedy.”


Sulit.PH: “The 3 things you can’t live without?”

Pia:  “I cant live without seeing my family and friends, the internet and sunlight!


Sulit.PH: “And the 3 things you CAN live without?”

Pia:  “I realized that I can in fact live without anything designer. I look at my closet and I realized that I wasted so much on items that I barely use. I also realized that I can live without going to the gym, as I can do the workouts at home instead. Same with meetings. Zoom meetings have become such a norm now that I don’t think we need to be face to face anymore to get meetings done in the future.”


Sulit.PH: “Are there 3 new skills you’ve learned during the lockdown?”

Pia:  “I learned how to play the ukulele, my first song? Somewhere over the rainbow, of course. Haha! Is crowdsourcing a skill? I’ve learned to really look around or ask around for anything I might need. Time management is also a new skill I learned. You’d think being in quarantine doesn’t require time management? It does! You need to set a schedule to stay sane.”


Sulit.PH:  “What 3 things would you like to learn after the lockdown?”

Pia: “I’d like to learn how to garden. In times of a pandemic, knowing how to produce your own food can be very useful. I’d also like to learn some new personality development courses like public speaking and dancing.”


Sulit.PH:  “3 key messages to Filipinos.”

Pia:  “Follow community guidelines. Mahirap but it’s for our own safety and the safety of others. You don’t want to be the reason why someone has to lose their grandma or grandpa. Spread good news. Watching the news everyday can be overwhelming so spreading good news can be a nice break from all the negativity we see on TV. And lastly, stay strong and let’s keep praying. We all want this to be over, SOON! There’s only so much we can do now but let’s do our best anyway.”


Sulit.PH:  “What 3 things will you do differently after this lockdown?”

Pia:  “I’d make more time for family and friends. I’m a workaholic and sometimes I miss on real life memories because of work. I want to change that after the quarantine. I’d also like to continue my fundraising efforts, this time with WWF Philippines. And lastly I would prioritize health and well-being, I realized that those are priceless during these times.”


Sulit.PH:  “Lastly, what are your 3 biggest realizations with this pandemic?”

Pia: “I realized that I’ve been prioritizing work too much that I may have missed out on real life memories like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. I also realized that materials things don’t really matter. And most importantly I realized never to take for granted the hugs and kisses of my loved ones ever again.”


There is such a depth to this obviously beautiful lady that Sulit.PH will be working with her more often and hopefully soon.  In the meantime we remind everyone to continue to be safe, be considerate, and be like Pia!

Pia Wurtzbach

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