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An image of a padlock on a black background targeting students and activists.

News: Dozens of fake accounts made; targets students and activists

Over the weekend, many got crazy over the duplicate of their facebook accounts with zero content, no photos, etc. Speculations arises as there might have been specific targets.

One group from UP Cebu named “Tug-ani” posted an alert after 8 UP Cebu students were arrested.


But after the arrest of 8 in Cebu, they learned that there were more dummy accounts made outside the city. According to some comments even those who are in favor of the bill got their dummies too.

Some were also experiencing a message from these fake accounts.

Photo | Tug-Ani FB

As it quickly went all over the internet, everyone started checking on their names and of their loved ones. They found a few and immediately brought to attention and asked everyone to mass report the fake accounts.

Not only UP, but also other universities such as UST, DLSU, and ADMU gave warnings to everyone about this developing problem. Everyone is giving our advisories and alerts to be very keen and careful on interacting over Facebook.





There has been mass reposting of all these dummy accounts happening all over Facebook. While #HandsOffOurStudents was trending on Twitter raising concerns for the students, alumni and netizens after voicing out against the controversial House Bill (HB) No.6875 or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

How to report dummy accounts and keep your accounts safe:

  • Report to National Privacy Commission: https://www.privacy.gov.ph/complaints-main/

  • Report on Facebook:

We encourage every one to stay vigilant and secure all your accounts online to avoid these problems.

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