News: Biker group to be fined P1000 each by MMDA over bike lanes

Members of Bikers United Marshalls (BUM) on Tuesday, set a temporary lane of  6-liter orange colored plastic bottles as markers for a bike lane in a highway near Don Antonio Avenue to help bikers have a safe space on the road.

Photo | BUM Facebook

But Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) did not like the idea and cited this as obstruction as they did not inform the authorities regarding the bike lanes and will penalize each member amounting to P1,000.00

According to MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago:

“They cannot just put up bike lane protectors without notifying authorities, especially made from plastic bottles,”

“They are not enough to provide safety for our bikers from speeding vehicles. They are very dangerous, in fact.”

She also suggested that bikers should use the sidewalks instead. 


The said group released their official statement saying that the colored plastic bottles are not barricades and are only used during 6-8am rush hour. As responsible citizens, at 8:00AM after their marshalling duties are over, they pack up everything and make sure no material used were left. Read full statement below:

https://www.<a class="wpil_keyword_link " href="" title="facebook" data-wpil-keyword-link="linked">facebook</a>.com/bikersunitedmarshalls/posts/109422214130762?__xts__[0]=68.ARC4bmhZgH9JtO7ajClwaY0wGtkDBM41HTwWsG2DmRC1JyTR__pa55ZuIeigAfobXs8iHoI8ZZ4A2ZNRBkpD9uwBCPmepEScdnSYpu4qEfPLw-Wkn6PgSWpcc1_OMXOTpbI1c3cEG_ZckzTHniUxbnIUlnmQVk4_ARAWaKpqqxMFfPBQHkmVNomZY1yFAk5otl8IrrK5zqb92j0AAXegK9caQUS5eRhHIjp6vKykrZoGJf5aiPnu0V_t_5UFcVG73ZFrWtvLOz0uBvr0rkyrsqyMAyQ4WO9VdbyEf8SVPFj85HKJhA2YlcvwzWjdFlXDWuP2ZGVnUkEwbOuo1mGNFtY&__tn__=-R


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