coming movies 2022

Movies coming in 2021 + 2022

2021 is almost coming to an end but what else can it bring? More movies!

In 2021, the movie industry has changed a lot. Movie companies have started to take a more risk-taking approach, going for more unique and fresh concepts, and theres a lot of buzz about it. The next five years, expect a lot of change in the industry.

The year 2021 is coming to a close, and the future, or whatever is left of 2021 is looking pretty bright. There are already a couple of movies that are set to be released next year, and more will surely follow soon. Some of the movies are sequels of existing movies, some are remakes of existing movies, some are remakes of existing movies with new characters. Top of the line are the live-action remakes of the famous anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Here are the new movies for 2021

movies 2021
new movies 2021

Coming soon 2021 Movies

coming 2021 movies

From Hollywood blockbusters to indie flicks to pinoy movies: the only thing that has changed over the last decade is the media and technology we use to experience and share these movies and videos. Most of what we watch is now streamed by the giants in the streaming industry. It was just a matter of time that we came up with our own – Vivamax

What’s in movies are in store for 2022

What’s the future of movies? Will we be living in our Hyper-VR powered Jetsons-like future? Will we be watching movies on the big screen again? Or, will the screen take over the whole world, and we’ll be watching movies on our tiny screens? Or, will we be living in a world where our electronics are powered by the sun, and the world is full of solar powered cameras and computers, and we can watch movies without electricity? Maybe all these things will happen, but in the meantime, while we wait to see what the future holds, let’s look at what movies are coming out in 2022.

Most awaited movies for 2022

2022 favorite movies
Wakanda forever, batman 2022, Thor 2022, Captain Marvel 2, The Flash, Black Ada, Morbius

Some Classics get a revamp 2022

movies to watch 2022
Avatar 2, Jurrasic part, Indiana Jones 6, Fantastic Beasts III, Spider Man: Into the spider verse 2, John Wick 4, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Mission Impossible 7

2022 favorite movies coming soon

2022 movies
Fast and Furious 10, Rumble, Marry Me, Elvis, The Black Phone, The Northman, Shotgun Wedding, Ambulance

Funny movies + Horror movies coming 2022

movies coming 2022
The Minions, Death of the Nile, Disenchanted, Moonfall, Holloween Ends, Scream, Legally Blonde, Sonic 2

With the proliferation of streaming websites, viewers can now see movies just about whenever they want. Many of the new subscription streaming services are expanding their offerings of more “mainstream” films, including original films. And while some are still only showing the latest blockbusters, there are some streaming sites, that now offer online movie premiere for a specific period. A recent example to this would be Black Widow and Cruela premiering at Disney+ for around $29.

2022 is around the corner and soon enough we will get to see our most waited sequels of the movies we love! In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the 2021 movie lineup!

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