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LOOK: Sony PS5 price leak and it is surprisingly affordable!

This what most of us are waiting for! The price and release date of Sony Playstation PS5 — and it is surprisingly affordable!

Because of it’s extremely nice redesigned console, as posted by the tech geek and content creator Ben Gaskin, the price leaked in Amazon France is €499 (Approx 28k PHP)! There are also two variants for this console, the Standard one with an optical disc drive and one without it – which is called the Digital Edition which will be priced at €399 (Approx 22.5k PHP) respectively.

It seems like this is by far the lowest priced Sony console ever. The entirety of the PS5 package and the fact that game enthusiasts will be able to get such for that low price is really big for Sony. It is believed to have a uniformed price of £499 / €499 / $499

Watch the Sony PS5 trailer below:

It is believed to be released on November 2020. Know more about Sony PS5 here!

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