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How to Treat COVID-19 at Home? – Updated more resources available (Guide in Tagalog) and Parent’s Guide

Updated to include more resources Including a Parent’s Guide on Covid-19 Infection in Children

As we started sharing this, news that some friends and family are currently infected and recovering from the infection. Some have shared more resources with us and we included a Tagalog guide below for everyone. Stay safe and stay strong.

There are various ways to treat covid-19 if you’re in the hospital, but what if you are stuck at home and the nearest facilities are full? Well, that is why it is important to plan ahead of time and learn from the experience of others who treated their family with mild symptoms at the comfort of their home. 

Not everyone shares the same experience because it varies by age, medical condition, and physical health. That is why it is still strongly encouraged to best consult your doctors, go to the nearest medical facility or inform the local government because they can provide the best solution. 

Covid-19 basically only affects immune system and the infection is not that serious but still it is best to keep as much distance from infected area as possible to prevent any serious problems. Although there is no cure for Covid-19 yet, there are several methods to prevent the disease from developing.

Treatments used for COVID-19 should be prescribed

Treatments used for COVID-19 should be prescribed by your healthcare provider. People have been seriously harmed and even died after taking products not approved for COVID-19, even products approved or prescribed for other uses. Your healthcare provider will decide on what approach to take for your treatment. Please see proper medical attention. 

These are the common mild symptoms caused by coronavirus: 

  • High fever 
  • Continuous cough
  • Loss of taste and smell 
  • Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath
  • Body aches and headaches
  • Fatigue 
  • And a sore throat. 

When these symptoms kick in, isolate yourself and check out these things that are necessary for treating COVID-19 and monitoring your situation at home. 

Your healthcare provider also may recommend the following to relieve symptoms and support your body’s natural defenses.

  • Taking medications, like acetaminophen or ibuprofen, to reduce fever.
  • Drinking water or receiving intravenous fluids to stay hydrated.
  • Getting plenty of rest to help the body fight the virus.

If someone is showing emergency warning signs, get medical care immediately. Emergency warning signs include:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion
  • Inability to wake or stay awake
  • Bluish lips or face

Get help from your LGU – Covid Hotlines available

Emergency Hotlines in the Philippines

Emergency Hotlines in the Philppines

List of Hospitals, website and social media

Hospital List and Location maps

Hospital List in Metro Manila

Covid Prevention Protocol

Dosing Chart for At-Home Treatment according to the World Council for Health released September 23, 2021

dosing chart for At-home Treatment of Covid-19
At-Home Treatment for Covid-19

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Common infections including flu and cold can most likely be cured by Paracetamol and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as ibuprofen are widely recommended. Cough suppressants can relieve mild to moderate coughs that help avoid sore throats like Lagundi capsules or Ascof forte. It is also important to enhance your immune system using vitamin C that is found in your local pharmacy. Although a lot of people have been resorting to these medicines, it is still safe to consult your doctor prior to intake of these medicines. 

note: always consult a health professional

paracetamol biogesic fake check

Traditional Medicines 

Traditional medicines are used by a lot of people who tried to treat covid at home. Some of these traditional medicines are steam inhalation. It involves inhalation of water vapor with herbal medicines like lemon, ginger, garlic, eucalyptus leaves and oregano leaves. It is also advised to have warm water therapy and continuous exercise. 



Commonly, the first symptom you will encounter is a high fever and that is why you must monitor your temperature. Avoid using the traditional thermometer because it can inflict others, instead you can use a digital thermometer. It monitors your body temperature in under a minute and it will be shown on the display screen. It also uses colors which indicate green for normal body temperature, blue for high body temperature and red, which indicates fever. 

Pulse Oximeter

It is a device placed on the fingertip and it is used to monitor blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and blood perfusion index. Remember to relax, place the pulse oximeter while your hand is warm, the hand must be below the level of your heart and wait for a few seconds. Then, list down the oxygen level, with a date and time so you or the health care provider can monitor it easily. 

oximeter chart and saturation guide
hypoxia levels

Face Mask

If you isolate yourself in your room, you must also encourage the people in your home to wear face masks especially those who are closely in contact with you. You can use the regular mask, N95 mask and KN95 because they are built with materials that provide respiratory protection against any airborne particles. These masks are adjustable and must be sanitized prior to using. 

mask type and infection rate

Double Mask Protection when available

In Lab tests, exposure to potentially infectious aerosols decreased by about 95% when wearing tightly fitted masks. Best to make sure that mask fits well on face.

double mask infographic

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Disinfection Spray

Disinfecting the environment, especially the things around you prevents the spread of the virus. One of the most effective and the easiest ways to disinfect is using a disinfectant spray because it kills germs and viruses. 

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Air Purifier 

You can purify your air using various air purifiers you can buy at your local department stores. Since the virus is airborne, they are most likely to occupy the air around us. That is why it is best to purify if from time to time.

air filtration protection

DIY Air Filter For Home Use

Buying all these filters can be expensive or you may have limited access to these items. If you want to build your own, You can use the guide below to get an idea and maybe order a 3M Filtrete aircon filter, which can be used around 3 months depending how heavy your usage is.

DIY low-cost air purifier

In conclusion, the best way to prevent against Covid-19 is to pay attention to the warnings, to avoid crowds, and to be prepared to act quickly. If you suffer from COVID-19, get your prescription as soon as possible and try to stay calm and go into isolation to protect your loved ones. This post serves as a guide and prevention, but if things get more serious, please consult a health professional ASAP.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

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