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Keywords: Save money, gas.Modified Description: Save money on gas by reducing fuel prices.

How to Save Money on Gas: Save P2-P4 on Fuel Prices while loading up

Times are hard and Gas Prices are going up! Save on gas!

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Save up to P4 on Gas

This isnt one of our typical posts but this is something to help the general public save money on gas and rising fuel prices at the pump.

Download the Unioil Loyalty App and save P2 to P4 on the the listed prices.


How much do you actually save?

Prices are discounted as follows when you have the discount card or APP.

Type of FuelDiscounted Price
Diesel SavingsLess P2.00/ liter
GAS91 SavingsLess P3.00/liter
GAS 95 & 97 SavingsLess P4.00/liter

Where is the offer available?

This offer is available at the following stations: 

  • Unioil Abucay
  • Unioil Airport Road
  • Unioil Anabu 1 Imus
  • Unioil Anabu 2 Imus
  • Unioil Balanga
  • Unioil BF Resort Drive
  • Unioil Bocaue
  • Unioil Buhangin
  • Unioil Buendia Pasay
  • Unioil C5
  • Unioil Calamba
  • Unioil Carmona
  • Unioil Commonwealth Ave.
  • Unioil Congressional Ave.
  • Unioil Congressional 2
  • Unioil E. Rodriguez
  • Unioil EDSA Bansalangin
  • Unioil EDSA Caloocan
  • Unioil EDSA Guadalupe
  • Unioil ESR Bicutan
  • Unioil FB Harrison
  • Unioil Felix Ave.
  • Unioil Gen Trias
  • Unioil Holy Spirit
  • Unioil Kalayaan
  • Unioil St. Ignatius Katipunan
  • Unioil Milagrosa Katipunan
  • Unioil Maa
  • Unioil Makati Ave.
  • Unioil Mauban
  • Unioil Meycauayan
  • Unioil Mindanao Ave. 3
  • Unioil N. Domingo
  • Unioil NAIA Road
  • Unioil Novaliches
  • Unioil Novaliches Gulod
  • Unioil Ortigas Ext.
  • Unioil P. Tuazon
  • Unioil Pandacan
  • Unioil Pulilan
  • Unioil Quezon Ave., Lourdes
  • Unioil Quezon Ave., Tatalon
  • Unioil Quezon Ave., Sta. Cruz
  • Unioil Regalado Fairview
  • Unioil San Guillermo Buting
  • Unioil Silang Biga
  • Unioil Sindalan
  • Unioil Singalong
  • Unioil SLEX Makati
  • Unioil Southmall
  • Unioil Sta. Mesa
  • Unioil Sto. Tomas
  • Unioil Sucat Rd. Paranaque
  • Unioil V. Luna
  • Unioil Vermont Antipolo
  • Unioil Vito Cruz
  • Unioil WSR Marcelo Green
  • Unioil WSR Sun Valley
  • Unioil Zabarte

Want more savings on Diesel & Gas?

If you want more discount on gas and diesel, Unioil has partner establishments that actually give more discounts.

Type of FuelDiscounted Price
East West Card – DieselLess P2.50/ liter
East West Card – GAS91Less P3.00/liter
East West Card – GAS95 & GAS97Less P4.00/liter
S&R Card – DieselLess P2.50/ liter
S&R Card – GAS91Less P3.00/liter
S&R Card – GAS95Less P5.00/liter
S&R Card – GAS97Less P5.00/liter
Unioil Loyalty Fuel Discount just got extended until April 2022!

Get the best deal on Gas & Diesel

The best deal on Gas is when you use the S&R card getting up to P5.00/liter for GAS95 & GAS97

While the bet deal on Diesel comes from using the East West & S&R card with discounted price P2.50/liter.

20 Gas Saving tips to save more fuel! 

With gas prices at record highs, it seems like everyone wants to save money on their fuel bills. But how much does fuel efficiency really matter?

Fuel-efficient driving saves money and reduces pollution. Adopt these 20 fuel-efficient driving techniques:

1) Drive in the right lane

2) Don’t idle

3) Use cruise control (if you have it) 

4) Keep tires properly inflated

5) Check tire pressure regularly.

6) Stay within Speed Limits

7) Don’t Blast the Air Conditioning

8) Park in covered places to keep the car from heating up under the sun

9) Aggressive Driving is never the Answer

10) Schedule your trips and find routes that are less traffic

11) Switch to EV! 

12) Fuel Economy will get you to more places so time your trips accordingly

13) Avoid rush hour

14) Plan ahead

15) Go Green

16) Be a Smart Driver

17) Don’t Drink & Drive

18) Get an Energy Efficient Car

19) Know Your Vehicle’s Mileage

20) Know Your kilometers Per Liter

Additional Options available for Saving Gas & Enviroment

1. Carpool

2 Walk to work

3. Ride a Bike! 

Happy Commuting!