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update: 3/14/2022

It’s 2022 and what’s new? There are a lot of things happening now from our last post which was around 2016. We have revamped a lot of things now and have totally overhauled the Sulit Buy and Sell.

This is still a FREE service nothing has changed.. we still dont accept spam posts.. and will ban, remove and block anyone that does that. We should respect each others posts and not abuse. Thank you for supporting us since 2008.

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What should you post to get more engagement for your ads?

Free classified ads are one of the most popular ways to promote your business online.

But what makes a free classified ad successful? What content do people respond to?

5 tips to improve engagement for your free classified ads.

1. Write a Good Headline

A headline is the first thing people see when they visit your free classified ad. A catchy headline will draw attention and encourage readers to click through to read your full text.

Headlines should be short and punchy. They should include keywords that describe your product or service.

2. Include Photos

Photos are another effective way to engage readers. People enjoy looking at pictures, and they’re more likely to click through to your site if there’s a photo included in your free classified ad.

Make sure to use high quality photos that show off your products and services.

3. Be Specific About Your Product or Service

People don’t want to waste their time reading about something they aren’t interested in. Make sure your free classified ad is specific about what you offer.

For example, if you sell furniture, write a free classified ad that describes exactly what kind of furniture you sell. Don’t say you sell “furniture” without specifying whether it’s bedroom furniture, living room furniture, etc.

4. Use Keywords That Describe Your Business

Keywords are important to search engines, so make sure your free classified ad contains relevant keywords.

Search engines rank websites based on the number of times a keyword appears in a website’s content. The higher the ranking, the better chance your website has of being found by potential customers.

Use keywords that describe your business, such as “furniture,” “beds,” “bedroom furniture,” “living room furniture,” etc.

5. Provide Links to Other Websites

When you provide links to other websites, visitors are more likely to click through and read your free classified ad. This means more traffic to your website and increased exposure for your business.

Links to other sites can appear in several places:

– In the description section of your free classified ad

– On the page where you list your free classified ad

On social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, you can add links to your website and other pages within your website.

These links can be added directly into posts or comments, or you can create an image link.

Sulit Buy and Sell Philippines

How to start Posting FREE ADS


The Top Free Ads Posting Sites in the Philippines 2016.

There are a million sites out there that can push your product to viewers, but do they push your product to the right market? There are loads of Free Ad Posting sites online but can they sell local? Here is a list of the top local Buy and Sell Sites that should be worth placing your products. Is there a perfect one? maybe.. maybe not.. but the goal is to get a wider online footprint to get your message delivered to more people.

Now more than ever, people are switching to online. Are online sites a threat to local businesses? Yes and no. Yes because the earlier people adapt the online life, the better established their brand is online. No because if used right all these online Ad posting sites can be used as marketing channels to get a bigger reach otherwise unreachable by physical barriers such as location.

classified sites

Studying the Free Posting market.

Here are some, when i say some theses are the only ones i remembered at the moment, top of mind list. There are others and yes please add them to comments so when we update the list we can include them. I was surprised to see a list of sites in the comments that even arent running anymore, some not even a year old. To build a site, it takes time, love, blood, sweat and bucket of tears! 😉

Top Free Sites Philippines


In this list of Free sites:

Sulit.PH of course we wont deny that we are growing this site and want to be the Philippines’ #1 Buy and Sell Website. It is a continuous work in progress, a learning progress that will never end.

Sulit.PH is a 100% Filipino-owned and operated online marketplace that offers local businesses and online storefront where they can buy and sell their products and services simple, fast, and free.

Sulit.PH is in no way associated, affiliated or a derivative of OLX.

Tims.PH is a Philippine community oriented classified ad website which provides opportunities for both Filipino online seller and buyer. is currently being maintained by community volunteers whose main goal is to provide a FREE and SAFE website for Filipinos.

PinoyDeal is a free classified ads platform that offer both free and premium ad listing to help make the most of your post. Browse the site for recent deals, top deals, random deals, and Pinoy deals.

FreeAds or ClassifiedsPH is a free classified ads site that also offers premium advertisement options that targets classified advertising for products, services, listings, and more for savvy sellers for as low as P500.

Conceived to link buyers & sellers of brand new and second hand products online and on print, BUY & SELL Magazine and both remain as the country’s main source of classified advertisements, helping both buyers and sellers achieve their goals faster and more efficient.

JuanTambayan is a free Online Classified Ads community and Marketplace,
helping Filipino Entreprenuers, Freelancers, SMEs, Organization and Companies to Buy, Sell, Trade and offer Services without any cost.

MyBenta is a free classified ads site which provides search-based ad relevancy, no ad approval process, integrated SMS feature, and more. They also recently installed a Verified Seller Badge feature which helps sellers enhance their credibility and reputation as legit online sellers.


Simple Unlimited Ad Posting. Made for Buyers and Sellers
Free Forever!

Pinoy Trading site! Buy and Sell brand new and second hand items.

I’m sure i missed some sites.. want to add them to the list? please leave a comment so we can check them out!

Online Selling isn’t that hard to do, you just need to know how to get your product in front of your audience, the right audience.


Online Selling in the Philippines

There are trade offs in looking for a site, do you go to a site with high engagement with low traffic ? or do you go with a site with high traffic with low engagement… answer is it depends.. but with online selling the more your product is seen, the better chance to get sold.. so the formula is simple. .since all the sites are FREE take advantage and post unique ads in all the sites and take advantage of their online strengths. All theses sites spend time and money to more their sites forward, so should you!

Each site has it’s own market, so take advantage of that reach! get your items in front of users and buyers! simple, fast and FREE! In the end the winner is YOU!


Here are some new ad posting sites you can also consider in widening your online footprint.


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