FIRST TIME: How to apply for a Philippine Passport.

FIRST TIME: How to apply for a Philippine Passport?

One of the most important document one can have is their passport. Because it proves your citizenship and is one main requirement in traveling. Over the years,  our government took time to hear every Filipinos battle-cry in applying for one. From getting a schedule to completing the process. From a complex to a simplified online scheduling, it has made it easier for Filipinos to get close in getting their own.

Passport is required if you will be entering another country, some might require a visa but some don’t. If you dream of traveling around the world, then you should get one.

How to apply for a Philippine Passport?

Below are the steps on how you can get that passport and fill it with stamps from your dream countries.

1. Complete your requirements

You may visit for the full list of requirements but here are the most common must have:

  • Birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO)
  • Proof of Identity One(1) valid ID:

    • SSS ID

    • Driver’s license

    • Senior‘s citizen’s ID

  • Or two (2) supporting documents:

  • PSA marriage certificate (for married women)

NOTE: To avoid problems, make sure you have photocopies of each document. 2 each to be safe.

2. Make sure to schedule an online appointment.

  • Please go to New DFA Appointment System website
  • Scan the available dates and place where it is most convenient for you to go.
  • Complete the application form
  • Wait for the email confirmation

After following all these steps, congratulations! You can now book your ticket and brave the world!

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