De-clutter for a Simple Life

De-clutter for a Simple Life

De-clutter for a Simple Life

Have you ever had the itch to clean, organize, and de-clutter around the house? Are you up for some clutter cutter time? Most of the time, we buy a lot of stuff we don’t need and it’s hard getting organized because (1) not everybody in the family is up to it and (2) nobody really has that much time to get it done. But just think: how many of the stuff you own have you actually used in the past year?

Resist the urge to splurge.

Many times, people mistake the task of organizing as an excuse to shop for home organizers or file folders or clothes racks or plastic boxes. But before you spend, think about whether that purchase is truly helpful in getting your space organized or you might just end up with more clutter. Create a shopping strategy where you peruse an item long enough to know how long you’ll really be using it and what you’re going to do when you’re done with it.

Live more with less.

How many souvenirs do you actually need? How many tank tops do you actually use? How many plastic boxes can you actually fill with useful stuff at home? What’s noticeable in any cluttered home are the stacks of multiple items that one barely gets to use. Get your life on track and your sanity back by deciding which ones to throw out and which items you use in your day to day. Some people live with only 21 items in their closet for the summer and another 21 items during the rainy season so maybe you can let go of 4 of the 6 phone protective cases you bought six months ago.

Buy and sell.

Part of living a simple life is making smart decisions about one’s purchasing power. It takes 2500 liters of water on average to produce a cotton shirt so if it’s possible to buy secondhand items from your favorite ukay store, then it will help the planet if you go vintage and save money while you’re at it, right? Plus, why not make extra cash by selling all your unused stuff online? From outdated phones to clothes that don’t fit anymore to old home furniture, put it up for sale at your favorite online marketplace –!