Covid-19 & MECQ Reminders

Effective May 16, 2020.

The government will be transitioning several areas in the country from ECQ (Enhanced community quarantine) to MECQ (Modified Enhanced community quarantine).

This is primarily being done despite the consistent number of new cases of Covid-19 in the country, mostly from the NCR because of economic reasons.

As such, Sulit.PH still wants to remind the citizenry of the following:

1 – Continue to stay home if it isn’t necessary for you to go out.  The pandemic isn’t going away anytime soon and by staying home you are respecting the frontliners & healthworkers as well as potential friends & colleagues that may aid in spreading the virus.

2 – Continue to be respectful of checkpoint personnel, the PNP, AFP and other security providers.  They are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and a smile, a show of courtesy and even a donation of food or drinks will go a long way.

3 – Keep yourself healthyExercise at home, take your vitamins, eat in moderation.  The inactivity at home can be bad for your health so be conscious about it.

4 – Keep your mind sharp!  Read books, work from home, write a journal, plot your next moves assuming the new normal.  As the saying goes, evil is the product of a dull or bored mind so don’t allow yourself to get used to doing nothing.

5 – See how you can continue to help our frontliners.  Find hospitals in need, make face shields & PPE’s, offer food to the gatekeepers of your barangays.  Doing good is always a great way to improve your disposition but more importantly is how we should all be in times of crisis.

6 – If you must go out, make it brief & quick. Do not spend excess time exposing yourself to potential germs.  Run your errands and go home immediately.

7 – Keep yourself updated of developments on the virus.  As a responsible citizen you need to know at all times what the latest situation is about the pandemic.  Listen to news authorities & government heads in order that you can make your own intelligent decisions.

8 – Consider planting your own fruits and vegetables as this will soon be part of the new norm and may save you quite a lot.  Carrots, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, bananas, papayas & mangoes are easy to grow and quite delicious at the dinner table!

9 – Think like an entrepreneur.  While the economy may be down, it also presents us with new opportunities to earn.  Online, delivery, wholesale & retail may be needed more if you observe your area & think out of the box.

Remember, we locked ourselves down for more than 2 months – don’t waste that.  Move and act like ECQ is still in place, always wear a mask and bring alcohol with you as we face the new normal in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.