WATCH: “Controversial” Pinay Group 4th Power Rocks X Factor UK

4th Power

4th Power

Garnering over a million views (and counting!) on Youtube, the group of sisters from the Philippines “4th Power” rocked the X Factor UK’s stage as they auditioned for the contest. The sisters – Almira, Celena, Mylene, and Irene – sang Bang Bang by Jessie J & Ariana Grande. Upon hitting the first few notes, the crowd went wild and stood up from their seats.

Watch their audition below:

They got a standing ovation from all four judges with Rita Ora saying, “This audition has just changed your lives.” Simon Cowell, known to be the meanest judge to ever grace a stage, applauded the girls, saying,” In terms of first auditions, this is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

X Factor UK

However, controversy has surrounded the group, following their talked-about audition. Back in the Philippines, the all-girl group has already performed professionally, with a concert and an album “Unstoppable” to their name. They used to be called M.I.C.A., The Gollayan Sisters, and The Cercados. They have also professionally performed in the United States.

According to The Mirror, the group was drafted by the show’s producers, knowing full well the performance background of the girls. It reports that the show bosses checked out the girl’s singing record and invited them to be part of this year’s series.

In an interview, Simon Cowell has said that, “They got a bigger reaction than any British act. They could give Little Mix a run for their money.”

This stirred up the controversy, with questions such as “should professionals be there at all?” However, the show rules state that:

“Acts may be invited to audition for the programme by ­researchers acting on behalf of the ­producer.”

“Such acts will be ­required to go through the audition process.”

There was no mention of barring professionals from the said contest. Plus, previous seasons of X Factor UK has shown other contestants joining the show with previous professional experience, such as Darcy Oake, Stevi Richie, and Jahmene Douglas. This makes us question – why is this “professional controversy” suddenly surrounding these ladies? Is it because they’re too good for the stage? Should they be allowed to compete further? Should the girls be barred from completing the series? You be the judge.

We’re just more than happy to have the international stage be lit up by fellow Filipinos. Keep rocking, ladies!



4th Power
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