While walking around BGC the other day, we spotted a bike stand that stood out… we decided to get up close and see what it was all about. It reminded us of the Annie “Citibike” we saw in the Annie Movie..  but this time the bike rentals isnt just in the movie,  it’s now available in BGC!



Want to try it out? not sure when it will be fully setup… but you can find it in the Bonifacio Stopover area beside Jollibee when it is up and running! The other station will be setup in Market Market… and hopefully they setup more stations around the city!

The Tutubi bike rentals is a great initiative, We hope that this project succeeds and can be replicated elsewhere in the Philippines!

For more information about the Tutubi bike rentals, contact the Regional and sustainable Development Department Asian Development Bank. Tel (02) 632-4444




Tutubi bike rentals

green bike rentals

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