Quarter Life Poetry

Quarter Life Poetry

All 20-somethings unite! Samantha Jayne, the 25-year-old genius behind the Instagram account ‘Quarter Life Poetry’ is an illustrator, writer, and actress based in Los Angeles.

Her account details the everyday struggles of 20-somethings in funny, poetic illustrations. From apartment hunting to food fads to ageing, FOMO and more, we’re sure you can find something to relate to, whether as a past experience or in your daily quarter-life woes.

In an interview with DailyMail, Samantha explains: “Part of me wants to be a kid again, but I also want to be taken seriously as an adult. I thought it would be fun to create doodles and illustrations in a children’s book style, but on the topics that are relevant to us as we are today.”

She explained that her illustrations are not intended to mock the everyday woes of millenials but instead, reassure them that they are not alone in this thing called quarter-life.

“At this age, we’re constantly second-guessing our choices. I think it’s important to recognize these thoughts, and even more important to make light of them.”

So take a look at some of her creations below and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. You can also visit her website and re-blog those that appeal most to your 20-something soul. (We’re tempted to re-tweet and re-blog them all, TBH.)

Quarter Life Poetry

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