Sulit Feedback and Rating is now live!

We have implemented a sulit seller feedback and rating form as seen below to protect the sellers from bogus/scams and cold hearted sellers. Your feedback would be valuable to the community. Saving someone from the perils of buying from bogus seller will earn you point shopping heaven! 🙂
sulit feedback

You can see feedback on left side. Feedback voting is only available for users that are logged in.. Rating is available for view for anyone.. Total votes will be displayed.

Any AD with positive vote will get recommended image with a thumbs up!  and Any Negative ones will get a not recommended rating as warning to all the other buyers. positive sulit feedback


sulit seller feedback

How Do I Leave Feedback?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On Ad page left hand side under the seller details, proceed to highlighted feedback  portion.
  3. Click on Vote now.
  4. Feedback Page – Rate your seller as recommend, ok or not recommended.
  5. Enter Title of your vote. (great seller!, fast delivery, safe seller) or negatively (scammer, did not delivery items)
  6. Leave your positive comments and warnings to future buyers.

Lets make this a better community by protecting each other from the Spammers, scammers and bogus sellers.

feedback form

You can also Report Abuse on from the same area below the Feedback system.

Sulit Feedback Basics

How Feedback works
For each AD, Buyers can leave Seller Feedback. Feedback consists of a rating and a short comment.
Feedback scores, stars, and your reputation
When you understand how the numbers and stars in a member’s Feedback profile are calculated, it’s easier to evaluate a member’s reputation and it gives you a clearer indication of your buying safety.
Finding a member’s Feedback
Proceed to Ad in question and check Seller Stars or Feedback left by previous buyers.
Detailed seller ratings
Besides leaving a general rating, for most transactions buyers can also rate a seller’s performance and leave valuable information to recommend or not recommend a store or seller.
Defect removal policy
Ratings and comments are generally a permanent part of a member’s Feedback profile. However, there are a few situations where we might remove or adjust Feedback related to a defect that’s been removed, or Feedback comments that include, for example, links, profanity or other inappropriate content. Please be mindful of what you say and treat each other with respect.
Resolving Feedback problems
If you and your buyer disagree about Feedback given or received, you have some options to resolve the situation.  Contact Support or leave us a message.


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