Sulit Business: Food Businesses to Invest in This Summer

Sulit Note: From time to time, we’ll be featuring products from shops over at to help give people tips and ideas on starting up their own businesses. If you have a product or a service that you think is beneficial for entrepreneurial Pinoys, shoot us an email and we’d love to write about it here!

Start your business

Looking to jump start your summer business but not sure what products to invest in? Check out some products from one of our sellers, IriaTrading.

Iria Trading Food Service Equipment offers quality food service equipment for food businesses such as machines for mini stalls or full service restaurants. Their product list includes Ice Cream Machines, juice dispensers, chillers, food display racks, ice makers and more.

Here are some items we found interesting:

Popsicle Machine / Popsicle Mould

Can you imagine making those home made flavors?

popsicle machine


Razzle Machine / Milk Shake Machine

Make outrageously delicious milkshakes!

ice cream machine




Heavy-duty Blender / Coffee Blender

Home made Frapuccino or iced blended coffee!

heavy duty blender





3-Nozzle Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Who can resist soft serve ice cream?

soft serve ice cream machine




Bubble Tea Cup Sealing Machine

Automate your bubble tea sealing technique!

Buble Tea cup sealing machine



Ready to start your own business in the food industry? Indulge your passion for food and take the world by storm – one milkshake or popsicle or soft serve ice cream at a time.

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