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SSS Member contributions inquiry – check contributions online!

Government institutions are indeed a very busy sector but they make sure they are not behind when it comes to offering hassle-free service. Being reachable online is one of the easiest way to connect and help people. SSS is one of those who offers online service so members can check their contributions, loan status, and update profile.

Here are a few things to get you started with:

  1. Sign up as a SSS online member here

  2. Select one of the following

  3. Complete all the details and click submit. 

Follow steps after this page.

Make sure you have correctly entered your details to avoid problems. Once successful, you can conveniently view your SSS contributions and other information you need to know about your account.

For private companies, there is a part of your SSS contributions from your employer and the other part will be automatically deducted from the monthly salary and it will be remitted to the SSS every month. However, there are some delays with regards to its reflection on the system. It may be your companies delayed remittance or there might be a system maintenance.

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