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LISTEN: Britney Spears’ New Song

Britney’s back. Early this morning, Nylon posted the new Britney Spears’ song in full. In collaboration with disco legend Giorgio Moroder, Spears lends her voice on Suzanne Vega’s single “Tom’s Diner.” She sounds amazing. Allow us to dig up our old Britney songs and have a Britney Spears party this weekend. BRB.

Britney Spears
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The Quarter Life Poetry Instagram Page is Too Real

All 20-somethings unite! Samantha Jayne, the 25-year-old genius behind the Instagram account ‘Quarter Life Poetry’ is an illustrator, writer, and actress based in Los Angeles. Her account details the everyday struggles of 20-somethings in funny, poetic illustrations. From apartment hunting to food fads to ageing, FOMO and more, we’re sure you can find something to…

Quarter Life Poetry
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Cat Stairs – Is the Cat Going Up or Down?

Remember the time when the whole world was torn between #TheDress? Black and Blue or White and Gold or I-Don’t-Even-Know-What’s-Going-On-Anymore phenomenon? Well, there’s another photo going viral online and it’s of this cat: Is the cat going up the stairs? Is the cat going down the stairs?  The photo was posted by a 9gag user and…