News: Thailand is 21 days free of local coronavirus cases

While the whole world is battling with coronavirus, there are some countries who took a leap in fighting and lowering the cases each day. Aside from the step made by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who recently announced that NZ is now coronavirus free, Bangkok follows and marks its 21st day of no local coronavirus cases. Bangkok also lifted the nationwide curfew and allowed restaurants to resume operations after 2 months. 

Photo | The Star MY

Thailand is the second country in Asia to report coronavirus cases in early January. They acted immediately and showed a success in containing the virus. They had 3,135 confirmed cases, 58 deaths and 2,987 recoveries. Thai’s made an early adoption of wearing masks and closing its borders to stop the spread of the virus.

Photo | Ithaka Travel

While the country resumes other businesses, pubs, bars and karaoke will remain closed.

This is really a great news, little by little each country is recovering.


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