The new House Bill (HB) 6958 or Food and Grocery Delivery Services Protection Act, is meaning to fine Php 100,000 and 6 to 12 years of jail time for abusive customers/violators. They will also reimburse the value of the items paid by the rider plus the cancellation fee.

During the past months, there have been many cases of customers cancelling their orders even if it’s already paid by the rider and on its way to them. Some are also doing pranks over this which is really an unacceptable act.

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According to AKO Bicol Party-list Rep. Alfredo Garbin who spearheaded the bill, the penalties are subject to change if proper committee thinks it is too much.

“Pero laganap kasi ang pangloloko sa deliveries kaya this bill should serve as an announcement and sink into the consciousness na sersoyo dito ang Congress,” he said

On the other hand customers that uses credit card with the following conditions are exempted to the bill:

  • Remaining balance credited to the service provider in the event of a cancellation,
  • Customers paying the service provider with a cancellation fee and;
  • Orders whose delivery is delayed by at least 1 hour from the expected time of arrival. 

We hope people will avoid these kind of acts, as the riders are taking their time, energy, effort picking up and dropping off orders and money for cash on delivery orders. Instead of being put to waste, riders are trying to sell the unclaimed orders to anyone they see.

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