How to sell on online! Make your Ads stand out!

Watching the Ads day in and day out and seeing the analytics around what makes Ads works is the inspiration of this post.

Here is something to make your Ads stand out and get noticed, why is this important? It brings you a step closer to a sale!

How to sell on online! Make your Ads stand out! 

Here are our top recommendations on how to make your Ads jump at the buyer!

    1. Use a powerful title, simple but straight to the point! – Keep it clear and simple and limit your text since google and other search engines cut the title short (read more here)

  1. Make sure your Photo matches your title, you can sell a car if you show a truck, right? 😉 Your image should shout out.. buy me now! The quality of the picture will reflect on the product so dont take those dark images and try to command a price. People want to see what they are buying so dont leave room for too many questions, show them what they are getting.
  2. Create different Ads for different people, word it differently to avoid duplicate ad filters, play with title, location, color and other descriptive terms that can help the buyer see a clearer picture.
  3. Keep it short and complete… 1 word descriptions and titles neever work.. people have to understand that you can relate to the product you are selling.. have amor! 🙂  The more enthusiastic you are the more people want to buy a product you love! Be your own endorser.
  4. Always present a call to action. Simple and clear without shouting.. Shop Now and not Shop Now! Don’t hardsell, it never works.
  5. Add a timeframe to push them to decide, item only available today, til nextweek.. Create a sense of urgency.
  6. Make them an Offer they can refuse, everybody loves a bargain, hook them and capture them for life!

One of Jay’s most impactfull strategies is calculating the lifetime value of a client in terms of purchases.

8. Talk about Benefits – Its all about what’s in it for them. Explain what benefits they get from purchasing your goods.. push them closer to deciding on the sale.

9. Use testimonials and show that you are a credible, trustworthy seller and you are out to give them the best bang for the buck. Value for money.. Sulit ika-nga!


Start your online business, Start selling on sulit today!

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