How To Open a Sulit Store Online

storefrontWe have noticed a lot of signup for storefronts but it seems that people arent sure how to use it! So here is a short how to start your Sulit Store Online.

How do you find the Store on Sulit? check out the orange arrow on image below.


Once you click the storefront option on the menu it will take you to the list of stores that have opened a storefront on sulitph..  you can click on the store to check out what items they have for sale.


How do you open a store like the ones above?

Here are the steps.

  1. Register for an online account on Sulit.PH –
  2. Once registered, go to your account panel and proceed to the bottom. You will see the purchase storefront subscription .. click on that.. don’t worry its a FREE Feature for our valued users.


3. You will be taken to the Storefront Subscription options page.. for now we only have one storefront available.. its a radio button that you will have to click called Storefront Batch 1 (1000 days StoreFront days FREE) Click on that then proceed to next step.


4.  Once your account has been sent to Store setup queue, all you need to do is wait till we approve your store, it should take around 4-5 days.. if it takes longer, please do send us an email.


store to store

5. Once your storefront is approved, you have to make sure that you TURN IT ON..  if you don’t you the feature will not be available to you and you will not be included in the list of Stores.

storefront panel 6. Complete your store details, add your address, upload your store logo, add your map and contact details and dont forget to setup your store with your item catgories and upload photos and ads.

storefront help

7. You will have a control panel to see the store analytics and find help to build your store.

store analytics

That’s it for now.. We hope to see your online stores up and running.. always remember you need to do STEP 5 to get the store up and running.

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