Heads up GCash users ~ 2.58% convenience fee in some cash in methods

Gcash has been very useful to many for receiving payments, paying bills and getting load credits. But just recently, they announced that there will be a 2.58% convenience fee when you cash in via Mastercard and Visa bank cards starting July 6, 2020.

The said fee was said to be “a direct charge of payment partners and will be computed and stated in the GCash application for each cash-in via bank card transaction.”


Other cash-in methods via linked BPI or UnionBank accounts will remain free or through any application or sites powered by InstaPay.

GCash President and Chief Executive Officer Martha Sazon said:

We would like to assure that GCash does not earn a single centavo from the direct charges implemented by our payment partners.

We will continue to be more innovative and proactive in developing safe, secure, and affordable financial services and tools so that more Filipinos can maximize the benefits of digital finance.


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