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FujiFilm Digital Camera Sale, Lens Sale and Authorized Dealers in the Philippines

Fujifilm Cameras on sale Promo period: November 1-30, 2015.

We have been using Fuji for a long while now, starting with Fuji S1 PRO, pretty old school digital huh?  Here is something more updated but ever reliable and gives that distinct fujifilm color rendition (think velvia, provia, astia). Digital cameras today are sleek and work so much better than their clunky DSLR counterparts. There is an on going sale and you should take advantage!

Fuji Digital Cameras on Sale:

fuji xt1


  • X-T1 Black/Graphite Silver – P10,ooo OFF
    • X-T1 Graphite Silver Body Only –  P79,990  P69,990
    • X-T1 Black Body Only –  P65,990 P55,990
    • X-T1 Black with XF18-55mm – P85,990 P75,990
    • X-T1 Black with XF18-135mm – P97,990 P87,990

Our Personal Favorite! most of the photos taken on the site are from this camera.. and we do recommend it.  Where is our review… good question! Soon!


fujifilm x-t10


  • X-T10  – P5,000 OFF
    • X-T10 body only – P40,990 P35,990
    • X-T10 with XC16-50mm – P45,990 P40,990
    • X-T10 with XF27mm – P49,990 P44,990
    • X-T10 with XF18-55mm – P56,990 P51,990

Smaller than the X-T1 but can deliver a punch just as mighty!



fuji x-e2



  • X-E2  – P12,000 OFF
    • X-E2 body only – P46,990 P34,990
    • X-E2 with XF18-55mm – P62,990 P50,990




fuji x-a2


  • X-A2 – P2,500 OFF
    • X-A2 with XC16-50mm – P27,990 P25,490
    • X-A2 with XC16-50mm and instax SHARE – P32,990 P30,490
    • X-A2 with XC16-50mm and XC50-230mm – P36,990 P34,490
    • X-A2 with XC16-50mm, XC50-230mm and instax SHARE – P41,990 P39,490



fuji x100T



  • X100TP5,000 OFF
    • P64,990 P59,990

It was a choice of the Fuji X-T1 or this…. but would still like to get on in the future for that no fuss street shoot.



fuji x-30 deals



  • X30 P12,000 OFF
    • P31,990 P19,990




Promo period: November 1-30, 2015. Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10707 Series of 2015 (Camera Promo) and DTI-FTEB Permit No. 11267 Series of 2015 (Lens Promo).

Lenses included in the sale:

fuji lens deals

It is strongly advised to buy from an authorized local dealer to ensure that you get the best possible price, service and guarantee that your unit, digital camera or lens are protected by Fujifilm warranty. You are getting a good deal so why not take this deal and upgrade your photography output.

Happy Shopping and Keep shooting!

FUJIFILM Authorized dealers in the Philippines include:

  • AK Photohouse
  • Aperture Trading
  • Camerahaus
  • Camerasound
  • Colours Digital Foto
  • Digital Interface Davao
  • Emcor Davao
  • F8 Photo and Accessories
  • GEC Stationery Lucena
  • Gensan Perfect Image
  • Henry’s Professional
  • I-click Digishop
  • JT Photoworld
  • Landmark Department Store
  • Mayer Photo
  • Perfect Shot
  • Photoline
  • Picture City
  • Pismo Digital
  • PRG Photoshop
  • Robinson’s Appliance
  • Solid Triangle
  • Techtrends
  • The Computer Authority (TCA)
  • Urban Hub
  • YKL Color

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