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We have just launched The FREE Sulit Business Directory. Something we have been wanting to do for years! Why did we do it? We felt like posting ads was too superficial, if we were to really help people, we need a way, a venue for them to post their businesses online, not the old yellow pages way, were all the contact details are listed.. We needed to put them on a map, literally.. Google Map to help validate their Business identity locally. All submissions are curated.

This is for your business profile, not ads.. So Each Company or business is limited to 1 profile only.. If you want to post your products head on to the Sulit Buy and Sell

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We have also added a Social Media Accounts to give more channels to connect to the business. We are working out a few other things but for now..  We think the Sulit Business Directory is ready to give value to all the small, medium and large enterprises that need a home online.

What can you do with the Directory? You can get Map details via Google Maps and get directions to the business location from wherever you are. You can also try the one-click contact phone which works on mobile. We have also added a FAQ section to get your info about the business. We are looking at more dynamic items to get you relevant information about the business.

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Sulit Business Directory
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