FILIPINO ONLINE WORKERS: How do you get paid?

Working online has been convenient for many, most especially us, Filipinos. It is not a secret that getting a job here is hard that’s why there are some wanting to go abroad to whatever work awaits them. From Doctor to Nurses. From Managers to Crews, etc. We are spending time, money and effort to fix everything just tog et through. How about working at home, in a cafe, beach employed by an American, Australian, Canadian? You don’t need to get away to your family to provide. You handle your time and work conveniently wherever you are.

But, how really it is to get a job online? How can you check if it is legal? How do you get paid? How to do this and how to that. To answer all your questions in mind, let’s go over it one by one.


  • How to get an online job?

    • There are so many websites for freelancers, to name a few there is Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr. You just go to the website, create your account, fill everything to make your profile stand out and so you can start checking jobs that you can do or wait until someone hires you. But, I strongly suggest you be aggressive because there are a lot of you guys wanting to get a job. The sad part is, some sites have a bidding, and who offers the low rate wins.
  • How to check if it is legal?

    • You can check the legality of the site most in google (google has it all), you can check the reviews and don’t enter bank details yet. Read carefully each term and conditions. Check if the website is secured.
  • How do you get paid?

    • There are different ways for you to get paid. Bank to bank or PayPal. Before doing so, please be careful check their reviews, their previous contractual employee also leaves their feedbacks, from there you can see if the employer you are checking in to pays good or is legit.
  • Do you need to pay taxes?

    • While some might not consider it, some should, most especially if you want to travel because ITR is one of the required documents. In Section 74 of the Philippine Tax Code, every Filipino who receives income in or outside the country must pay their taxes.

If you have more questions in mind, comment below!

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