Bid farewell to your Starbucks Rewards Card – Discontinued on June 30, 2020

starbucks card news

There has been a lot of changes due to the problem the whole world is facing right now — Corona Virus and we’ve been adjusting to so many things. Social distancing anywhere even at home. Going out to have your favorite coffee will not be the same. The same feeling goes with our Starbucks Reward card as it will be discontinued on June 30, 2020.

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“Starbucks Reward card as it will be discontinued on June 30, 2020.”

We know how you feel and all those who collected these amazing cards over the years. But don’t worry you can still use your balance as store credits or you can choose to keep them and wait until their new program is launched. 


starbucks card


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Connect your Starbucks cards to the Starbucks app so you can transfer the points and the cash balance before they discontinue the card and you lose the value in the card. Do this soon and dont wait till June 30, 2020


We still don’t know but their official website is giving us a hint of Starbucks rewards plus more! Stay tuned!

starbucks card news
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