6 Tips to Securing your Webcam and protecting yourself from prying eyes!

The short movie “Webcam” is based on actual events and was shot entirely on a computer’s webcam. The filmmakers wants to make people think more about the technology that
we use every day and the effects it can have on all of us.

WebCam created & directed by
stefan haverkamp
jan jaworski
branden kramer
tom kropp

6 Tips to Securing your Webcam and protecting yourself from  prying eyes! 

Child looking through window blinds


1. When not in use, cover the webcam with masking tape, or even yellow stickies, primitive but it sure does the job quick and easy!

2. When you are not using your Laptop, make a habit of closing the it or putting the screen down to shut off the system.

3. Make sure you virus software is up to date and scan for any malware that may have taken over your computer.

4. Avoid opening email and clicking links from unknown sources. This includes links from social media sites, forwarded viral videos or photos.

5. Make sure your Laptop or PC is up to date with the latest OS and security patches that may have been updated by the manufacturer.

6. Avoid using your computer in places with free public wifi, limit chances of prying eyes to detect your computer.

There are more tips out there but these are the basic ones that can help you secure your privacy.


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