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15 Best Actionable Advice (and Awesome Photos!) from 99U Local: Manila

99U Local Manila

Last night, creatives from all over the metro gathered at Ayala Museum for the one night event 99U Local: Manila, hosted by Jen Horn, founder and Chief Collaboration Officer of MUNI PH.

99U Local Worldwide

99U Local is an initiative by New York-based brand 99U:

Makers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and artists are thriving around the globe, and we want to bring to light those who are going above and beyond in their own communities. That’s why, for the first time ever, during the week of September 14th–18th, 28 hand-picked cities from around the world will be hosting their own free, one-night-only 99U Local event.

The vibrant and creative city of Manila was hand-picked to host the one night event. MUNI’s Jen Horn was tapped to be the 99U Ambassador for Manila which meant she had to attend the most recent 99U conference in New York and host a casual, more intimate 99U event in Manila.

Three speakers (Pepe Diokno, Tal de Guzman, and Julia Nebrija) shared valuable actionable insights on how they “Make Ideas Happen” and musicians Reese Lansangan and CRWN from Amplify.ph performed during the latter part of the event. Check out some of the best actionable advice we were able to gather from last night’s event and some of the awesome photos taken by Muni and Shutter Panda Photography.

Bunny Luz

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” via @99U, photo by Bunny Luz via Twitter

Pepe Diokno

1. “The most important thing you can do is to do a lot of work.” A quote by Ira Glass, shared by Pepe Diokno during his talk.

2. “I was asked: ‘What right do you have to do to make this film?’ I hated the saying ‘write what you know’. It’s not write what you know, it’s write what you CAN know.” – Pepe Diokno

3. “My basic rule is to collaborate and make the magic come from that.” – Pepe Diokno

4. “Pick people who can say NO to you.” – Pepe Diokno

5. “Role of a creative leader is not to have all ideas but create a culture where everyone can have ideas.” A quote by Ken Robinson, shared by Pepe Diokno during his talk.

6. “Creating for me is not about the minute details. It’s about setting a stage where you can lose control.” – Pepe Diokno

Tal de Guzman

7. “No to: Selfishness. YES to: SHARING resources and contacts.” – Tal de Guzman

8. “It will be a tiring journey, so remember to TAKE BREAKS.” – Tal de Guzman

9. “Be inclusive. Show the fruits of your labor to people who helped you. It’s not YOUR success. It’s also THEIRS.” – Tal de Guzman

10. “Know your non-negotiables. Relish the parts of speeding up & slowing down.” – Tal de Guzman

Julia Nebrija

11. “The reality of it is: It’s hard work. This city is not easy.” – Julia Nebrija

12. “I tried to change my way of communication when trying to solve a problem.” – Julia Nebrija

13. “You have to show up.” – Julia Nebrija

14. “The plan is not everything. We have to do something while waiting for the plan to happen.” – Julia Nebrija

15. “We have to have these conversations, make unique strategies, do road maps.” – Julia Nebrija

*photos  by Shutter Panda Photography

This event was co-presented by: 99U Muni PH Ayala Museum

In cooperation with: V Kitchen Bayani Brew Commune Destileria Limtuaco & Co,. Inc., Shutter Panda Photography, ?#?soundspacemanila? Philippine Airlines Rappler Amplify.ph When In Manila

99U Local Manila

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