8 Must-Haves for Pinoy Worker Bees During Stormy Weather

Must-Haves for Stormy Workdays

Must-Haves for Stormy Workdays

While schools and government offices have suspended classes and work for the past couple of days, Pinoy employees have weathered baha, strong winds, and extra-heavy traffic just to get to and from work in one piece. We’ve seen countless memes on social media and endless #hugot lines and  puns about these three storms ravaging the country in a span of a week.

Bagyo Meme

So, what do you do? How do you prepare for this crazy wet weather? We’ve listed down 8 must-haves for every Pinoy worker:

1. Food and water. Whether you drive your own car or use public transportation, you can never run out of drinking water. You don’t know just how long your byahe will be. Make sure to stash light snacks and bottled water in your bag or purse.

2. Fully-charged phones and other gadgets. Apart from keeping you entertained while traversing Manila’s heavy roads, a fully-charged phone is a lifesaver in case of untoward accidents. Put emergency contact numbers on speed dial, too.

3. First aid kit. Pack your own first aid kit – bandages, ointments, alcohol, non-prescription medication such as Mefenamic Acid, anti-histamine, anti-hilo medicine, etc.

4. Portable, battery-powered flashlight. As a backup to your phone’s flashlight, bring a portable battery-powered flashlight to help you in case of sudden blackouts.

5. Slippers. Unless your office allows you to wear slippers to work in case of bad weather, always pack one in your bag to make sure your work shoes are kept dry for days to come. No one wants smelly feet, eh?

6. Umbrella, raincoat, jacket, etc. Make sure you’re ready to head out into the storm with complete rain gear. While a little rain won’t hurt anyone, getting drenched in a strong one can easily get you stuck in bed for weeks. Cough, cough.

7. Change of clothes. Do we really need to explain why?

8. Cash. Businesses wouldn’t be able to accept any card transactions in case of a blackout. Also, be ready to have a small change in your pocket for those kind ates and kuyas who will help you cross baha over a makeshift bridge and let you hold on to them so you won’t suddenly slip and swim in the dirty flood water.

Kudos to our tireless corporate employees. Always keep safe and stay as dry as possible in this weather!

Must-Haves for Stormy Workdays
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