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The word “Sulit” in Filipino means “worth it,” but it also means many things in other languages. It can be a verb, as in “wala sa sulit” (it’s not worth it) or “madali sa sulit” (easy to learn). It can also be a noun, as in “mga bagay sa sulit” (things worth having), “magandang sulit” (good news), or “walang sulit” (no problem). It can also be a place, as in “punta sa sulit” (a wise place to go). Or, it can be this blog! Watch out for the greatest finds or the Sulit Stories coming your way!

While conventional brick-and-mortar stores have the advantage of being able to see and touch the goods they’re considering buying, it’s not uncommon for those in search of a bargain to turn to online shopping. Here are our sulit stories!

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You’re not a Filipino if you don’t know the ‘Pambansang Kamao’, Manny Pacquiao. The world-famous artist and a remarkable man in his time. He makes every Filipino proud in every…

How To Get Philippine National ID?

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Today, identification cards are essential to ensure a person’s identity. They can identify you and show who you are in public, and be used for work purposes. But the greater…

List of Community Pantry in the Philippines

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Like the rest of the world, the Philippines has been hit hard by COVID-19 and a lot of people are in need of help. This is where the Community Pantry…

Everything You Need To Know About SSS Online

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The Social Security System (SSS) was established in September 1957. SSS is an effective way to safeguard the value of work, savings, and investments. This establishment protects the hardship of…

How To Renew Your Philippine Passport

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Expired or expiring passport? Here’s a complete guide on how you can easily renew your passport and cut the long queue when trying to walk into the nearest DFA office….

Complete Philippine Bank Swift Codes

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Receiving or transferring money has been completely easy nowadays, thanks to innovation and technology, our lives are now more simplified. Below is the full list of bank swift codes (BIC)…

Banks in the Philippines That Have Online Banking

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Paying bills, receiving, transferring, saving, and shopping online is now much easier with the help of online banking. The technology that has advanced today has made everyday life much more…
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How Does BDO Online Banking Work? Is it Safe?

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With the current quarantine guidelines placed, being in crowded public places is not allowed and heavily discouraged. But of course, as we try to live on as usual, we still…

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