Axie Infinity Basic Strategy to Win in Arena

Do you want to reach 1000 MMR? Well, we got you covered! 

A lot of people said that it was easy and that is why there are players who top the leaderboard. While you are having a hard time increasing your 700 MMR, others are enjoying the benefit of having 10 slp per win because of some basic yet effective strategies. 

So if you want to win more SLP and increase your MMR, check these common strategies you can use. Please note that these strategies are applicable to any Axies, you just have to learn how to apply these.

1. Diversion Strategy

Diversion is a strategy used by players to redirect the damage from the opponent to another axie. Most players use this if they have enough energy and if they have a Bird on the team. Axies in your team have specific roles so if you think you still need that Axie because it provides more damage, use a diversion strategy. Use a card that attracts the damage from the opponent so that the attack will be redirected to that axie. This is not applicable to many since this requires a Bird on the team. This strategy is usually used to defeat AAP (Aqua, Aqua, Plant) using your BBP (Bird, Beast, Plant) Team. 

2. Hoarding Strategy

Hoarding is storing your energy so that you can use combination cards that create critical damage to surely defeat your opponent. There are two ways to hoard your energy. First, you can end your turn without using any cards or also called ‘skipping. Second, you can use your energy stealing or gaining cards to hoard energy. 

Ending your turn on the first round or skipping is the easiest way to hoard more energy. Most opponents on this round will skip as well, giving you more energy to prepare. The starting energy will be 3, and the succeeding round will give you 2 energy. This will give you 5 energy in round 2 giving you the chance to use your 4 card combinations to defeat the first opponent in line. The cards vary per axie but usually you will have an axie that provides a combination of cards to create a critical damage. These Axies are usually Beast, Bird and Aqua. You can also use cards that help you hoard energy. These cards usually steal and gain energy for you when combined with another card. Use these cards to your advantage. 

Hoarding also needs proper intuition. Follow your guts about when to hoard and when not to hoard. The common mistake most players did is they keep on hoarding their energy without realizing that their axies are already dying. So who’s going to use the hoarded energy? No one. That is why, if you think your cards can create damage or kill the opponent, use your energy. But if you think you don’t have enough cards to create damage, hoard your energy and wait for that  card. 

Always remember that hoarding is effective only if you use your energy wisely. 

3. Stealing and gaining Strategy

Stealing and gaining is tricky and fun. It requires special cards that gain and steal energy but don’t worry, a team mostly has this card that gains or steals an energy from the opponent. If you do not have that card then observe because your opponent might use it on you. When you steal energy you are using your energy but gaining that energy back in return. It will not give you additional energy but it will surely reduce the energy from the opponent. This is usually applied on the first round because most players love to skip the first round, so this is your chance! If you have that card, don’t hoard it and use it right away. Steal the opponent’s energy to prevent him from creating combination cards. This will give you an advantage and it destroys the strategy of the opponent. 

Gaining energy also varies from the cards you have and from the card drawn. There are two situations to remember when you gain energy. The gaining energy card has less damage so you can use it  along with the other cards, or your energy gaining cards only gain energy if it is combined with cards that create critical damage. Whichever your card is, you can still use it to gain energy. If you can gain more energy in the first and second round then you will surely have a high chance of winning the game

4. Destroying

Destroying is rarely used during the game because cards that have destroying skills are usually low in damage. However, if you have a card that destroys the opponent’s energy it will be an advantage. Destroying lessens the opponent’s energy which means, the opponents can use less cards per round. The best time to use these cards are usually in the first and second round because it is where most of the players hoard their cards. 

5. Kill the first axie in line 

The best strategy that is applicable to all is killing the first axie in line during the first round. Most mistakes players make are regardless of their cards, they will skip the first round, which is wrong. The first round gives you 3 energy so if you have a combination card that creates critical damage, use it. If you can kill the first axie during the first round, you will have the chance to skip the 2nd round, giving you more energy to use on the 3rd round. The opponent will try to attack your first axie as well but you are still in control because you were able to save energy plus you killed the first axie in line. 

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Axie Infinity Basic Strategy to Win in Arena

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