Asia's future re-imagined on


A forum to reimagine relationships, roles and responsibilities between individuals, businesses and the community.

The Asian Forum on Enterprise for Society is Asia’s leading annual Corporate Responsibility Conference since 2002, bringing together Business Leaders, Visionary Thinkers, Social Entrepreneurs, CSR Practitioners and Policy Makers, to facilitate thought provoking and inspiring dialogues to help mold Asia’s future.The aim of The Asian Forum is to drive change and shape the future of Asia by making a tangible impact to the community through the theme of “The Future Re-Imagined” that is inline with Greatness of Spirit, Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Innovation.The Asian Forum is convened by Asian Institute Management and RMAF (Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation)

The big questions to be covered at AFES include:

Climate Change: Can clean energy disrupt climate change?
Technology: How can the Fourth Industrial Revolution be more inclusive?
Poverty: How can business and social enterprise make a difference?
Work: Where are the jobs of the future?
Health: What does the future of healthcare look like?
Financial Inclusion: How can the unbanked access financial services?
Sustainability: How can the Sustainable Development Goals support business performance?
Greatness of Spirit: Why should we care for people we don’t know?

AFES 2021 sets itself apart by attracting highly-sought speakers and thought leaders, global business participation with representation from all ASEAN countries, 40% of attendees will be women and youth, substance-driven with a relevant and cutting-edge program.

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