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Taylor Swift's "All Too Well: The Short Film" receives a blatant and unbiased review.

‘All Too Well: The Short Film’: A Blatant and Unbiased Review

Taylor Swift is widely regarded as one of the greatest singer-songwriters of her generation. She has nine original studio albums, two re-recorded albums, and a number of live, extended, and compilation albums to her credit. Her record of nominations, wins, and awards for her music and documentaries is nearly as lengthy as her discography. She is not just a singer-songwriter, but she is also an actress, and with the publication of her debut short film, All Too Well: The Short Film, she has added director to her career.

Taylor Swift’s debut directorial short film “All Too Well” was released on November 12th, and many Swift fans went crazy as they poured too much emotion into the 10-minute tear-jerking film. The amount of fresh swifties added to the hundred million swifties all across the planet; queen Taylor’s power is undeniable.

The two doomed lovers are played by Sadie Sink (Stranger Things) and Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf). Sink’s character is charmed by her boyfriend in bed when the narrative begins. They arrive in upstate New York, where she abandons a scarf. Their romance takes a turn at a dinner party, when O’Brien’s character ignores his girlfriend in order to impress his friends. They argue; O’Brien is arrogant and condescending, while his devastated lover is grieving but still wants to retain him. O’Brien eventually cuts things off. Sink is seen alone at parties and depressed at her 21st birthday celebration in a montage. As he walks alone down a Brooklyn street, O’Brien’s life continues. The picture then moves forward 13 years. Swift, who is red-headed, is now playing Sink’s character. She’s an author at a crowded bookstore, reading from her book All Too Well, which is likely about the heartbreak she had in her early twenties. Outside, an older O’Brien (Jake Lyon) peeks through the glass, wearing the same red scarf of his ex.

While we’re sulking and streaming the aforementioned short film, let’s delve deeper into the film’s elements and be mesmerized by the magnificence of the cast, cinematography, music, and Queen Taylor herself.


The beginning and end of a stormy young love are depicted in this ten-minute short film. Sadie Sink portrays Her, and Dylan O’Brien portrays Him in the film. Indeed, Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink perform their characters beautifully and completely immerse us into their respective storylines, leaving no room for conjecture.

Whether you admit it or not, you were completely preoccupied with the kitchen scene in which Sadie explains her reasons for being enraged and ends up being gaslighted by Dylan, completely ignoring the pile of dishes that Sadie is currently washing. What about the breaking point where Dylan ended his relationship with Sadie, and the scene where Sadie cries in her bed while attempting not to answer the phone?It goes without saying that everyone was pleased with the final portion, which showed that Taylor (the older Her) had finally achieved success in her writing career after thirteen long years of heartbreak. However, everyone was overwhelmed by the chapter in which the older Dylan appeared to be looking at her from a distance, wearing the old scarf she used to have.

Sadie and Dylan truly lived up to their roles, as practically everyone could relate to the sorrow Sadie was going through (especially her scene in the bed crying over and over) and the arrogance Dylan was attempting to exude. Despite all that happened, we felt their agony because we also sensed the real love they had for each other at the beginning of the film. They are, without a doubt, effective actors.


The film would not be nearly as effective if it weren’t for the excellent cinematography of Rina Yang, who filmed the picture on 35mm. Taylor’s All Too Well short film would forever change the way the season feels, and it would be the only thing people think of when they think of autumn. The imagery that Taylor used in the song’s lyrics was successfully translated into stunning images for the film. The color scheme and other symbolic elements were also emphasized in order to infuse more emotion into the setting.

Taylor’s Music

Ask a millennial to choose one of the greatest lyricists of the new era, and the name Taylor Swift is almost certainly going to come up, and it’s perfectly true. Swift’s music has always served as a window into her personal life, serving as a platform for her to express sadness in a way that is both deeply felt and empathetic. I don’t want to be biased, but the phrase “You kept me a secret, but I kept you as an oath” is enough to leave a severe scar on my heart. However, we weren’t just supposed to be scared when Taylor released All Too Well; she wanted us to bleed as much as we could. Following that, she said something along the lines of “Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much.” Yes, Taylor’s performance was a masterpiece, and she tore our hearts out. It is fascinating to realize how Taylor can encapsulate everything in one song (All Too Well) and build on one verse of the song in another song (check out The Moment I Knew), creating a branch of songs.

Taylor’s Versatility

To bring this swiftie-biased review to a conclusion, let’s give a shout out to the queen herself, Taylor Swift. Swift never ceases to amaze her fans and the broader public with her ability to perform in a variety of settings. She earned applause for her work and brilliant insight on how to make the RED Album Taylor’s version come back stronger and more confident, but she didn’t stop there. She demonstrated to us that her creative abilities are not limited to the genre of songwriting, which she considers to be her comfort zone. Using her newly discovered film writing and directing abilities, she demonstrated how a queen can transform a painful 10 minute song from a past heartbreak into a tear-jerking film. She has previously demonstrated great promise in the creation of memorable music videos, but now she has tried her hand at writing and directing a short film that successfully piqued everyone’s emotions.