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10 Top Songs and Lyrics trending in 2021 according to Google Search

When it comes to popular music, there is always an issue of what is good and what is bad. What is good? What makes a song popular? How do you know what is popular and what isn’t? There is an old saying: “Music is like a mirror. You take it from the person who writes the lyrics and it reflects his personality, and if you take it from the person who writes the music, it reflects his personality, but in a different way”. It’s like when you look into the mirror. It’s not the same for the one who looks into the mirror. You see the reflection of the condition you have or the condition you want to achieve.

This list is based on Google Search and trends for 2021.

10 Top Songs and Lyrics trending, The best of 2021

  1. Pagsamo lyrics

2.Heartbreak Anniversary lyrics

3. Crazier lyrics

4. Panalo lyrics

5. Paubaya lyrics

6. Mapa lyrics

7. Drivers License lyrics

8. All Too Well lyrics

9. Levitating lyrics

10. traitor lyrics

In conclusion, the top 10 music is all about the beat. Even if you’re not a fan of a particular genre, the best of the best grab your attention and make you want to listen. They change the way you feel and often the way you move. It’s music that makes you want to dance. It’s music that makes you happy or make you reflect on life.. it controls your mood! Music is life!

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