Learning Gay Lingo: A Starter Guide!

Nakakalurkey itech,neuro akesh , ay bongga  pak na pak! (I’m shocked, I’m blown away, and it’s extravagant and great.)

This LGBT speak or gay lingo is commonly known as BEKI SPEAK in the country. Terms can be used in everyday situation conversations. Gay lingo sometimes has an intimate conversation, to avoid people around them or protection for virgin ears.

In the Philippines, there is a long way to go for LGBT rights but still, the country is now paying its respect to the community.

The language is so confusing to hear when they talk too fast or use their language (BEKI WORDS). Here are some words to enlighten you.  

  • Indiana Jos, not the movie we watch. (Not showing up) 
  • Keri –  Not the actress name  but (It’s Okay)
  • Trulili – It is not the water lily (It’s True)
  • Haggardo versoza – It is not the actor’s name (Tired and haggard)
  • Gutom jones – Hungry
  • Jinit jackson – It so hot (pertaining to the weather)

The Gay lingo has no rules, as long the construction of the words concerned its evolution to break their subculture.

  • Chaka – means Cheap (champaka, chapacola, or chararat to champorado, chapluk, chapa, chop suey and champola.)

Late 1970’s some gays referred to themselves as BONGGA (extravagant). These signs were used widely even in popular music and on television.

  • Aketch or Akis – refers to I or one’s self.
  • Watash or anetch – which means asking WHAT?
  • Charot or Cheret – used of “just kidding” 
  • Chika – some to talk 
  • Echosera – to those delusional (tsismosa) who make gossips
  • Hanash – occurring and events, issue means  saying a lot of things
  • Bes or Beshy  – endearment  word for Best Friend,
  • Kabog- which means “to lose” Everyone 
  • Awra– is to attract attention. 
  • Jubis or majubis – referring to fat /to be fat.
  • Shuta -it’s a curse or beki curse shit and p*ta it combines into one.Sometimes they used to talk with friends for endearment but most of it was cursing someone or insulting them.
  • Ana or anaconda or ahas – not referring to a snake ( symbolize a Traitor)
  • Gurlalo or pechay – girl or lady
  • Kapilang- mistakes
  • Hammer – prostitute  or callboy
  • Chiminey cricket or chimay – Maid
  • Backstreet boys – a cute guy in the back
  • Boyband – a big fat guy just like a pig
  • Givenchy – Give
  • Buya – a shame , shame 
  • Gardini – security guard
  • Feelanga -Crush
  • Blusang itim – A gu]ay who get beautiful from the salon
  • Oprah Winfrey, O.P.M. – oh, promise me, pangako, utang/ debt
  • 48 years – sobrang tagal/so slow
  • Katol – mukhang katulong/ looks like a maid
  • Otoko- lalaki na lalake/ hottie or real man
  • Pranella – praning/ crazy
  • Oblation – naked
  • Thundercats – matanda/oldies
  • Francine prieto, pransya – may sayad/ crazy person
  • Cryola – cry
  • Ikura – how much
  • Kadley – to walk
  • Yamey – later

Some gay language is forbidden due to intimate word like:

  • Halls – Blowjob
  • Felix Bakat – the pen1s of the man form well of his pants
  • Biogesic – mast*rbate
  • Bonamin – anal s3x
  • Pokish – slutty
  • Makiyawti – smells bad

Let hear some song the way the Gay sings

Bubukesh and flowerret, jojosok ang reyna na, shochurva ang chacha, pajempot jempo fah, Boom tiyayavush chenes

It’s a song written by a female group in the Philippines. It’s funny to hear, but it’s gay language.

Why do gays use gay speak at all?

It is fun to talk to gay. Their language is the source of their self-expression and self-affirmation. Their creations of words are less painful to hear. To call them Bakla, Bayot, Bading, etc., are all synonyms for the GAY.

In the end, a liberating space may be opened for gay people to share their longings and experiences. Would you not agree that life is lighter and more enjoyable when we have one gay friend in the group? Surely the laughter cannot be contained and everything is plain fun. 

Gay lingo is an interesting language that involves different ways to communicate and quite amusing. It is open to the gay community to speak about their own emotions and feelings and express their experiences. They are still human and need acceptance in this world we are living in. It’s a great feeling for the LGBT community and they will surely say.

Pak na pak! achieve na achieve bakla!

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